10 Hidden Facebook Features That No One Told You About

All these years you were missing these amazing tricks and features on your Facebook account

Facebook Hidden Features

Over the last decade, social media platforms have taken over the world with their innovative and instantly connecting feature. We are now able to share anything with millions in seconds besides getting instant information on what's going around the world. Snapchat and Instagram have made people share whatever they do via their instant sharing features.

However, Facebook is the one that brought social media trend and gave a medium to stay connected with family and friends. Over the years, mobile technology has evolved and shifted social media fashion from desktop to mobile apps.

But, Facebook is the only social media sharing portal that still successfully hosts its desktop version in the era of smartphones.

Facebook Hidden Features

Facebook is around us for quite a long time, but still, there are some useful options and features that you are not aware of. Wouldn’t you like to know about these secret tricks?

If yes, the write-up is all you will need to get an in-depth glance. Listed down are the ten most amazing hidden Facebook features that you can use to optimize your account.

1. The Secret Message Inbox

We all use the Facebook messaging option to remain connected to our friends. But, there is a hidden section in the message tab that contains messages from the users you are not connected yet. Most of the people aren't aware of this messaging folder.

The ‘Message Requests’ folder shows all the messages you received from the unknown users and their request to connect with you. To access this folder, click on the Messages on your profile and you will see ‘Message Request’ folder placed beside ‘Recent.’ Clicking on the tab will show the messages from the strangers. 

2. Discover Who’s Sneaking In Your Account

Having a Facebook account that is connected with hundreds or thousands of friends also has its disadvantages. If others know your password, they could use your account to do suspicious or detrimental activities.

However, you can know who’s accessing your account without your concern through a hidden option. Head towards the Security Page, under the Security folder you will see a link. “Where You’re logged in."

who visit your profile

Clicking on the link will explore all the Facebook logins via desktop or mobile. It shows the information based on location, device, and web browsers. You can end the permission for an individual or all the device here. 

3. Get Your Blog

If you feel like you want to share things beyond status and your check-ins, then Facebook has an option. Facebook ‘Notes’ is a feature that not many users know about. It allows users to create a blog over the social media platform.

You can write lengthy paragraphs, add multiple images, and customize your page to share your thoughts with others regularly. Just go to the and start your blogging page on Facebook. 

Create your own blog

4. Know What You Have Done On Facebook Till Date

Wishing to download the copy of all your Facebook activity since the day you joined the community? You can. Along with watching the status updates, image and everything you shared over the years at a single place. Facebook offers a feature to download all your activity to date, including the chat messages.

To download all your Facebooking go to the Settings, the Click General and select the option, “Download all your Facebook data.” This option is handy in case you ever decided to delete your account. 

all facebooking

5. Name A Caretaker For Your Facebook Legacy

What do you think about death? Yes, it's unavoidable and well have to say goodbye to this world one day. Facebook has also thought about it and added one more feature that is lesser known to the users.

You can name a ‘Legacy contact’ for your profile who will be responsible for handling your account once you are in a better place. The legacy contact will be able to access limited option of account, including writing a pinned post, responding to new friend request and changing the cover or profile image.

Facebook caretaker

6. Get More Security For Your Account

It is always smarter to ensure your safety and taking precautions with your online information. You do have a password protected the Facebook account.

More Security

However, hackers still get access to many profiles. You can chain up your profile with some extra security; this includes three steps.

  • First, go to the Settings →Security & Login →Add Extra Security, now choose the two-factor authorization option. It will make it necessary to access your phone first to log in your account from a new device.
  • Turn on the alerts and notification when someone tries to log-in your Facebook account from another device.
  • Give Facebook the names of your trusted contacts, and they will help you in case you get locked out of your account. This will also enable you to re-access your account in case you forgot your password or lost your device.

7. Prioritize And Curate Your News Feed

The major part of your profile is covered with the News Feed from your connections and interests. So, it must be clean and useful for you without any distractions and unwanted posts.

To make sure you see the posts of your interests, whenever you scroll through the Newsfeed, you need to edit it. Click on the three dots present alongside the News Feed tab, select the ‘Edit Preference.’

Now, click ‘Prioritize who to see the first’ option, this will let you select the Pages and Brands that you want to see the posts from. 


8. Embed Public Content 

Facebook also allows users to embed the publicly available post to their websites, pages, or blogs. To embed any available post on your webpage you need to click on the drop-down menu option available top right corner of every post.

Then you will see the  ‘Embed’ option at the last of the list, click on it, the code will be copied, and you can link it to anywhere. 

Public Content

9. Transfer Money Using Facebook

Facebook also has a hidden feature that allows the user to send money to each other instantly. You can add money to your Facebook account and transfer it to your friend anytime.

However, the added money could only be used to purchase products and make in-game purchases via Facebook. Go to Settings > Payments, to enter Debit card details for adding money. Once the card is accepted, you can make money transactions with other users using the Messenger app

money Transfer

10. Explore What's Happening Around The World

Over time Facebook has evolved itself by adding many features to become more than just an image and social post sharing platform. Facebook Live has a fantastic feature known as the live map. The map shows live events around the globe and available coverage on those events.

explore the world

The map points the ongoing events with a blue dot, and the size of the dot represents the popularity of the event. By placing the pointer over the blue dot, you can see the preview of the event on the map. You can also zoom in & out the map to see events at a particular location. 

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