Get New Followers on Instagram With GoGram

Get New Followers on Instagram With GoGram

Date: April 07, 2024

With more than 60% of daily login by the users, Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook.

Instagram has witnessed a vigorous growth and transformation into a modern, convenient platform for sharing not just photos and videos. Not just this, the social media channel is apt for building communities and networks. 

A lot of personal and business brands have taken Instagram to the next level as a proper professional marketing platform and made it a promotional tool for individuals to scale new sales for businesses.

The top five countries with the most number of Instagram users are as follows:

  • United States - 110m
  • Brazil - 66m
  • India - 64m 
  • Indonesia - 56
  • Russia - 35

most number of Instagram users

With such a surge in Instagram’s progress, the introduction of new business-oriented features and the enormously big audience made Instagram the favorite marketers’ & general publics’ social media platform.

Each year brings a wide range of new features that are meant to optimize and to get that extra outreach. And to help you with that, we have GoGram that can make your Instagram experience more fun.

Steps to Follow to Gain New Followers On Instagram With GoGram

If you want to get popular within this social media marketing platform, you need to think of a lot of different things and stay on top of it all with maximum automation! That’s why we have created this simple guide on how to reach 5,000 new followers on a monthly basis and make the most of your page!

1. Get Involved

When it comes to social media, the first thing that you should do is to get involved. It can be easily done by participating in conversations that are highly popular in nature.
Here hashtags can play a vital role in finding such massively popular conversations. For instance, you can try to utilize the trending hashtags for that particular time frame like ‘#WednesdayWisdom’ trends on social media on Wednesday. 

Apart from this, you should also consider using hashtags that are really specific, for example, long-tail keywords as they show more intent and even help you find your right audience.

2. Be Descriptive

If your primary goal is to become Instagram famous while also getting paid for it, then you need to make sure your Instagram content should hold the capability to deliver something that’s unique from the existing content.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, but that doesn't give you access to not completely utilize your post description. Our advice would be to make the most of this opportunity and get highly descriptive with your Instagram captions. 

3. Automate The Process

One of the essential elements of an Instagram famous account is their perfectly designed schedule and activities. It will require effort and time, as the main practice to stand out is to engage with as many people as possible by giving likes, comments and viewing stories. 
For that, use special Instagram tools, which can help you to automate and analyze most of your efforts. One of the great examples is GoGram automation software. It is used by professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers, creatives and the general public to promote their pages and engage with as many people as possible! 

After launching it, you will see users’ activity and start receiving the inquiries. You will engage with your target audience by giving thousands of likes, comments and follows! 

Automate The Process

It will also help you automate your ‘Welcome Message’ or the initial text on Instagram Direct. Let your followers know about you, your current campaigns and promotions, offer help and they will definitely convert into a lead.

Instagram Direc

Last but not least, the main motive here is to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content with GoGram! Be active when it comes to posting photos, videos, and even Instagram Stories, but don’t forget to do so at a scheduled time.

keep your audience engaged and interested

GoGram offers a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL when registering and we recommend it, as it will help you to know the platform and the ways it can bring value to the business!

4. Opt For Trending Instagram Hashtags

The famous Instagram accounts that we look up to barely use any hashtags, but we have to remind you that it took them a lot of effort and time to get to that point!
When you are getting started with a new Instagram account, it is crucial that you use 20 to 30 hashtags per post to get the most eyeballs possible on your social media content. 
Remember, change up your hashtags regularly so that new people can find your content, fall in love, and start following you on Instagram. The best way to organize your Instagram hashtag list is right inside the GoGram app.
You can have as many hashtag lists as you want for free, and even better than that. When adding new hashtags to your list, you can see which ones to use; thanks to the easy color-coded system. Yippee!

5. Be Consistent With Your Content

Becoming Instagram Famous isn’t just about posting a few times and gaining hundreds and thousands of random people following you. 
Instead, the app users should focus on creating a sense of community among the followers by responding to the comments quickly, asking questions in your captions, and sharing funny stories on Instagram paired with incredible photos and videos.
You also need to be consistent with the Instagram post at least once a day and seven days a week if you are trying to grow your social account at a faster pace. 


The above-mentioned YouTube video will show you how you can get up to 10,000 monthly Instagram followers in 2019 in an organic manner. 

Notable Features of GoGram

Following are the features that put GoGram stand apart from other similar services:

  • Direct Messaging: It can easily automate the "Welcome Message" in Instagram Direct.
  • Attract Hot Prospects: It will help you in finding out interested clients and hot prospects.
  • Analytics Tracking: Quickly tracks all the activity of the users and formulate your next strategy accordingly.
  • Auto Posting: You can schedule posts photos, videos, and Instagram Stories at a scheduled time.
  • Comments Tracking: This feature track comments and subscribers. You can even get notifications for the comments, for which, you have the option to set instant replies and automate the conversations.
  • Direct Messenger: Speak with every client from the browser itself. 

Final Thoughts

With the help of a scheduling tool like GoGram, you’ll have enough time to prepare fully and strategize your photos, captions, color schemes, and hashtags way ahead of the scheduled time.
Also, don’t forget to go through the hashtags you are using and do leave comments and likes on other Instagram user’s content. That is how you can get lots of new followers organically! 
And there you have it, we hope you’ll still remember us when you’re #InstagramFamous!

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