How Does Using Mobile Apps Benefit Various Industries?

How Does Using Mobile Apps Benefit Various Industries?

Date: March 11, 2020

Mobile apps can transform into an easier and faster alternative of your website

Mobile apps are always with us, aren’t they?

For instance, after making phone calls, the main purpose of smartphones is to run a wide range of mobile applications that can basically server any imaginable purpose.  

According to Statista, by the year 2022, the total app downloads will increase to 258 billion. Companies and businesses across the globe have long started to migrate from the physical world of traditional advertising, hanging billboards, or only selling their products or service through their brick and mortar, and are now turning to the realm of mobile.

According to Magento, around 40% of smartphone owners list social media apps as their most frequently used category of mobile applications.

Even though mobile apps have been super big in the area of communication and networking with social media apps, every industry is going through a revolution and an unavoidable shift towards mobile.

On average, users spend 69% of their total media time using smartphones, according to the comScore report. Which only tells you why mobile apps are important and why owning a mobile app can help your businesses reach your audience unlike anything else. 

Top Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Businesses

If you have been thinking about establishing your mobile presence, you should know about the benefits of mobile apps for users and businesses to make the best of this new venture: 

Benefit of Mobile App

1. Create more value for your customers 

If you want to promote interaction with your customers, you will have to offer them value and delivery on their needs and wants.

One of the best ways to offer great value for your customers is to include a loyalty program in your app or reward your app subscriber in some form. This can be a big motivation for customers to buy your product. 

2. Customers don’t have to wait 

Your business mobile app can even be an easier and faster alternative to your website. Your customers no longer have to wait to launch a web browser, enter the URL and wait for your website to load, which also means more chances of higher conversion rates.

From information on your products and services to the option of online orders, your mobile app is the perfect partner for your customers. 

3. Increases customer engagement and pushes back on the cost 

Compared to traditional advertising and instant messaging, mobile apps not only cost less but they are also long term.

Moreover, these days most of your customers would prefer to use mobile apps. Another reason why mobile apps are important is that they allow your audience to easily engage, connect and interact with you.     

4. Mobile apps offer great promotional options 

One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for users and for your business is that it makes your brand and product information 24 into 7 available to your audience.

You have a direct way to promote and advertise your new offerings, discounts, and deals. Make sure to use this platform for the best, offer irresistible deals and boost conversions.

Customer support is another amazing benefit of mobile apps, resolving issues and responding to customers’ queries works wonders for your accessibility and reachability. 

5. Increase the visibility of your brand 

In the contemporary world, mobile apps have gone on to become the best tool to help you enhance the visibility of your brand. If you have a mobile app with amazing features and looks, you can take your brand awareness to a whole new level.

Your mobile app can serve multiple purposes, like recording audios and videos, news feeds, playing games, instant chat and many more. It is the direct medium to your customers that allows you to share all the information that they might need. 

6. Mobile apps host social media 

The world is obsessed with social media and if you want to join this obsession, you need to have your mobile app. Having a mobile app that allows your users to share on social sites means more reach and more discussions about you.

Social media is the present and future of social interactions for individuals and brands. This not only helps enhance your brand engagement but social media presence can also make a big impact on your sales and customer relations. 

How Mobile Apps Are Adding Value To Different Industries

According to 451 research, the number of m-commerce transactions will surpass the number of e-commerce transactions in 2019. Across the world, different industries are making the shift from web to mobile apps. Mobile apps have become significant to grow an e-commerce business as well.

They are looking for ways to better position their brand and boost its profitability. The rise of mobile apps in different industries has completely transformed the market.

Here are a few industries that are adopting new ways of operations with emerging technologies and mobile apps.  

Benefit of Mobile App

1. IT Industry 

The IT industry has the never-ending responsibility to show the innovation and benefits of mobile apps for users and businesses and to attract other industries towards the latest technologies.

According to Statista, the total number of connected devices will reach nearly 27 billion by the end of this year and 75 billion by the end of the year 2022.

This goes on to show how fast people are adapting to new, emerging technologies, as well as how IT companies are changing the landscape of the business world with smart, tech-savvy mobile applications.   

2. Games and Entertainment 

According to the latest report from Newzoo, in the year 2018 consumers spent $92.1 billion on mobile apps and 76% of the total revenue came from mobile games.

Gaming apps are only increasing in popularity and quality, they offer amazing user engaging experience. Gaming and entertainment is another industry that has adopted mobile solutions very well. 

3. Education industry 

In a new age, mobile solutions have made learning more convenient and affordable. E-learning is the new big thing and it has become a popular educational trend from the past couple of years.

Several schools, colleges, and universities around the world use mobile apps to increase the quality of education they offer and to enhance the interest of students in learning and understanding content more effectively and quickly. 

Final Thoughts 

Mobile apps have transformed many more industries including travel and tourism, banking and finance, manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceutical and many more. Mobile apps are important and have various benefits for most businesses around the world, irrespective of their industry and size.

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