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app like zocdoc development cost In this blog, we will discuss the cost to develop a doctor appointment app like Zocdoc and the factors affecting the overall cost.

Technology advancements have always improved our lives greatly. Improvements have been made in practically every aspect of our life. For illustration, let's discuss the healthcare sector in general. Technology applications and improvements have paved the way for a wide range of apps that address all the key facets of the healthcare journey. 

From making a doctor's appointment to diagnosing and treating, an app can take care of all of your medical requirements. Zocdoc is one such application. The largest online medical directory in the world, Zocdoc, enables patients to quickly book appointments with nearby doctors. 

And in this article, we'll examine the cost to develop a doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc. So, if you are interested in making a top-notch app like Zocdoc, do read this article till the end to know about the cost it would incur.

What is Zocdoc?

cost to develop doctor appointment app like zocdoc

The best online doctor booking service in the USA, Zocdoc, allows customers more freedom to select highly qualified medical professionals who will treat their conditions more effectively. 

Customers can look for and make appointments with doctors, therapists, dentists, and other medical specialists via the Zocdoc website or mobile app. Using Zocdoc allows users to readily identify doctors who accept their insurance, even if it's a less prevalent plan, which is one of its major benefits. 

To choose a doctor wisely, Zocdoc also enables you to compare reviews and ratings of various healthcare providers.

Benefits of Developing an App Like Zocdoc

The benefits provided by apps like Zocdoc are manifold. It not only provides benefits to the patients but also to the doctors that use this platform. Let’s look at these benefits in much more detail.

Benefits for Patients

  • Online appointment scheduling - This is a practical technique to circumvent lengthy lines outside medical stores and clinics. You can choose the day and time of your doctor's appointment and make one online.
  • Picking the top doctor - Using such apps, you can quickly identify a doctor who meets your needs. You may find general information and feedback about a clinic on a doctor's profile. The profile details the practitioner's background, qualifications, and appointment costs.
  • Medication delivery - Additionally, medications might be provided to patients. They can look up the necessary medication and deliver it to their door. The patient can upload their prescription or schedule an online consultation for medications that need a prescription.
  • Arranging for a lab test - When a doctor orders lab tests, the patient can also request them. A professional collects the sample at your home by visiting. You often don't need to visit a lab unless machine tests are being done.

Benefits for Doctors

  • Internet-based advice - Keeping a safe distance will contribute to a community's improvement in general health. By offering online consultations, physicians can reach and assist more people. In addition to assisting patients, doctors can register with the app and receive a fee for consultations.
  • Online profile - Doctors that have online accounts can draw in more patients. Users get trust and satisfaction by looking at their background, educational qualifications, and patient reviews. Online users looking for highly skilled specialists look at their profiles as well.

Top Must-Have Features of an App Like Zocdoc

There are a number of essential Zocdoc app features that you must incorporate into your app like Zocdoc for it to succeed. These are some of the most crucial features:

  • Patient information - To design an app like Zocdoc use must include Zocdoc similar features. Among those features are proper recording and maintenance of patient information. For seamless execution of this, patients must first register for an account. They must also enter additional information while setting up their account, including their name, gender, age, blood type, height, weight, and any relevant medical information.
  • Logging in and registering - To properly use the app, users must be able to sign up and log in. You can accomplish this by setting up an account with a password and email address or by logging in with a social media account.
  • Doctor profile - The patient should be able to explore a selection of healthcare experts before making an appointment to select the most appropriate healthcare provider. Patients may check all the details about a doctor, including their specialty, photographs, patient testimonials, and consultation costs, in the doctor profile area.
  • Filtered advanced search engine - The Zocdoc app mobile application's search bar offers several built-in search criteria that enable users to conduct productive and effective searches. By making the most of filters, such as screening doctors based on their specialties, locations, ratings and reviews, consultation times, consultation costs, etc., users can conduct hassle-free methods of searching. This will assist them in locating the appropriate doctor for their needs.
  • Reviews - With the clinic appointment booking software's rating system present in the Zocdoc app, patients can leave comments and assist others in reviewing recommendations. This aspect also denotes dependability and authenticity, which can help patients select the ideal medical facility for their requirements.
  • Consultation and reservation - The patient can schedule the appointment once they have determined which doctor best fits their needs based on numerous search criteria. They can select the time slot that is most convenient for them and confirm that choice.
  • The appointment's specifics - Users should be able to read appointment information, such as the appointment's date, time, and location.
  • Notifications and recollections - You can get timely appointment reminders via phone, email, or app while using physician scheduling software like we have it in the Zocdoc app.
  • Chat and in-app assistance - Patients anticipate having access to in-app chat. Better and more effective communication between doctors and patients is possible, and any user problems can be fixed immediately.
  • Integrations with payments - For the patient and healthcare professional to communicate successfully, a range of payment choices must be offered. Using a credit card, debit card, or electronic wallet makes making payments and efficiently managing appointments simpler. Users will have more choices, and appointment scheduling will be safer if secure e-payment channels like Stripe or Paypal are used.
  • Obtain medications - The capability to order medications is another crucial element. This will enable customers to place direct app-based orders for prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals. They will be able to obtain the medication they require more quickly and easily.
  • Medical records & history- Storing a user's medical history and reports is one of the key functions of an app like Zocdoc. Users will be able to quickly and easily access their medical history and records, which can be useful for booking visits or placing prescription orders.

Additional Technological Features to Include in an App Like Zocdoc

Now that you know how to create a doctor appointment app with the above features, let's look at the technologies you can integrate to gain a competitive edge among the hundreds of online doctor appointment apps increasing in the market. Here are the advanced features that add value to your Zocdoc app.

  • Artificial intelligence - Creating doctor appointment scheduling apps for Android and iOS using AI, ML, and deep learning techniques will improve their functionality and provide users with special medical services. In situations where patients are unsure of which doctor to contact, artificial intelligence integrations can assist them by directing them to the appropriate doctors based on the data they provide. The finest use of various artificial intelligence solutions can boost the efficiency of your online doctor booking application. Patients will be helped in determining disease severity and scheduling visits with doctors by incorporating symptom tracking and monitoring features in the online physician appointment scheduling tool.
  • Cloud computing - Your doctor-on-appointment app will benefit from the phenomenal growth of cloud computing, especially in the healthcare industry. As your doctor-finding healthcare software grows, you'll have to deal with a sizable amount of data. After that, you'll need to organize, categorize, and turn them into insights for improved medical treatment.
  • IoT wearable device - The information in your app will be synchronized with your wearable device. Therefore, you will have more access to and control over your medical information and ongoing monitoring of any recent activity you carried out using the app.
  • Blockchain technology - Decentralizing the entire process and streamlining daily operations are possible by integrating Blockchain technology into the mobile application frameworks for online doctor booking. Protecting the entire mobile browser ecosystem from malware and hacker threats can increase process security.
  • The use of telemedicine - Remote diagnosis services are supported with the help of these apps that integrate telemedicine facilities. This function will be crucial in providing remote care services. It enables patients to select telemedicine options and receive care at home. You might wish to think about telemedicine for patients in rural areas. You must be able to hold online consultations over built-in chat or video conversations to reach more people who do not have access to a clinic.


Factors Affecting App Development Cost of Zocdoc


doctor appointment scheduling app

Nowadays, every business owner wants to know how much it will cost to establish an online doctor booking software like Zocdoc. Given how profitable online doctor appointment booking smartphone applications like Zocdoc are, demand for their development is increasing. 
The scalability they provide is another benefit that raised the demand for doctor booking mobile applications. The cost of developing a healthcare app like Zocdoc depends on various factors. As follows:

  • App platform - One of the key elements that affect how much it costs to develop doctor appointment app like Zocdoc is the design of the mobile app. The two most popular mobile application platforms, Android and iOS, are utilized extensively worldwide. The cost of creating a mobile application rises when it is developed for both platforms. One option is to use a hybrid mobile application, which concurrently provides iOS and Android mobile applications.
  • Choice of an app development company - Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc cost will vary depending on the mobile application company you choose to work with. You should choose the company based on its services and whether or not those services align with your needs and requirements.
  • App attributes - A doctor appointment app like Zocdoc costs increase due to the necessity to include more functions. 
  • Utilized technologies - For an app like Zocdoc, development costs can be highly influenced by the technology it utilizes. The doctor's mobile appointment scheduling software can incorporate cloud storage, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, etc. It raises the price of developing apps.

How to Develop an App Like Zocdoc?

You must gather the elements your users will require to develop a doctor appointment app similar to Zocdoc. Personalized suggestions based on the user's interests and needs, appointment registration and scheduling, user feedback and ratings, and search capabilities are important features you may wish to include in your app.

You must design and create your on-demand doctor appointment app development per the essential features you have decided upon. Once your app is finished being developed, you should extensively test it to make sure it functions as intended and take care of any bugs or other potential problems.

Lastly, you may advertise and market your app to your intended audience once it is released to attract new users and encourage downloads. This could be spending money on paid marketing initiatives, collaborating with bloggers and influencers in your field, or producing content to advertise your app on social media and other online platforms. 

You can build a successful app like Zocdoc that benefits your users and expands your business with the correct combination of strategy, advertising, and implementation. Your app can be among the Top healthcare mobile apps if you take help of the right strategy, tools and technology. 

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Healthcare App Like Zocdoc?

Building a complicated application like Zocdoc can be expensive and time-consuming due to the numerous elements that must be considered. These include back-end coding, user interface design, application platform, selecting the best cloud hosting service to store user-generated data, app type, technology stack, features, post-launch maintenance services, location, and experience of mobile app development companies, etc.

The cost of employing developers to create and develop the application and the expense of any third-party services you would need to incorporate into your app are just a few of the additional expenses related to creating an app similar to Zocdoc. The costs of creating an app like Zocdoc can be minimized or even completely avoided by employing independent developers who can work under contract.

On top of everything else, the cost to build a healthcare app like Zocdoc will increase to close to $100,000 and above when artificial intelligence and machine learning elements are added. Hire a reputable doctor appointment app development company, and let them handle the development of your product while keeping costs to a minimum.

Overall, the cost to develop a healthcare app like Zocdoc relies on several elements, such as the size and complexity of your application, the experience of your development team with similar projects, and the particular requirements of your target audience. If you want to create an engaging consumer experience that will keep your consumers coming back for more, it's worth it to spend money on a high-quality app developed by the best healthcare app development companies.

As was already noted, many technical factors affect how much a doctor booking app development like Zocdoc built by a healthcare app development business would cost. Choosing the appropriate tools and technology is critical in making an app investment.

Creating a medical appointments app like Zocdoc development costs between $40,000 and $50,000. Adding sophisticated features like artificial intelligence can cost between $100,000 and $150,000.


You should think about working with a respected doctor appointment booking app development company if you require any assistance or direction with your doctor booking app development like Zocdoc. Development of a doctor booking app development like Zocdoc requires planning, designing, developing, and launching and it's best to hand this responsibility to a doctor appointment mobile app development company. 

From the initial concept to the ongoing support and maintenance of your project, these professionals may serve as the ideal partners. Their sector knowledge will guarantee that your software is developed fast and effectively, without needless hold-ups or cost overruns.

What does an app like Zocdoc development cost? You could have many questions in this line if you want to create a medical appointment booking app similar to Zocdoc. We have provided the most accurate information on the features and cost of developing a doctor appointment app like Zocdoc. Use this information to create the best doctor appointment booking app.

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