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cost of pinterest app development Want to get into the market of image-based applications similar to Pinterest, cost of Pinterest app development is the place to start.

Over the years, the mobile app market had witnessed millions of app uploads on both major platforms i.e. Android and iOS. However, it won’t be wrong to say that the capacity to do something novel has already been exploited to a much larger capacity. There are apps for almost everything.

This is the reason many app creators have started to copy existing ideas to get into revenue generation. One such idea is an app similar to Pinterest. There are many app creators who are willing to create another Pinterest with better features. 

Adding to it, the first step to create a Pinterest clone application is to understand the cost of Pinterest App Development. Therefore to further gain clarity over the topic, read ahead!

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest is the search engine for images of different ideas of recipes, graphics, art, business, fashion, etc. It is a visual discovery engine that accepts images from its users and shows them to their users based on their query search.

It offers images in the form of a grid of images that are the different results of these single searched queries. The user can create a search for what's trending in a category. It also asks its users in the beginning for interested topics. Based on that it also provides feeds. 

It can also be called an image aggregator that lets collaborative work and art pieces from different artists publish on a single platform for possible work and the world to checkout.  

Pinterest looks like a board where there are endless images in a grid format looking like tiles. Each user can create indefinite boards that are shared with the users of Pinterest. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest images traverse for months amongst users garnering more views and likes. Views and likes that can create the next invoice for the artist. Adding to it, Pinterest also allows users to collaborate together on projects. Pinterest can also be called a place to find artists.

Features of Pinterest

  • Browse home feed
  • Multiple options for Pins i.e. share, save, and shop
  • Discover new and engaging ideas
  • Create your own boards
  • Create custom pins
  • View profile

Pinterest Market Stats

The total number of Pinterest app download for Android is over 500+ million. It is a widely popular app and had 435 million active users in the second quarter of 2022. In fact, it is one app that has a major user base of women i.e. 70%. In 2022, Pinterest touched an annual revenue of $2.8 billion. Adding to it, the USA is the biggest market for Pinterest.

How do I create a Pinterest clone application?

In order to create a Pinterest clone application and to figure out Pinterest like cost estimate, there are a series of steps that need to be understood & followed:

Establishing the core idea and features of the app

It is established that the app will look similar to Pinterest and will most likely be its competitor. It will also aggregate features of Pinterest that are relevant to the inspiration. It would also require a unique feature to make it stand apart. All of this would aggregate major expenses to Pinterest clone app development cost.

Analyze the Market

Cost of Android and iOS app development is a lot. It requires entire teams to build a project such as this. Therefore, it becomes important to understand whether there is space for another app or if the market is completely saturated. Market research will also let you know the down points of the competition. It will help you create a much more reinforced app with features that are according to the user. Understanding that can also help in reducing Pinterest like app development cost. Why? Because it would enable you to understand whether you need to start from a native app or a hybrid app.

Figuring out the technology stack

In order to best determine the cost of creating an app, it is better to figure out a technology stack. A technology stack comprises three things i.e. programming languages, frameworks, and development tools. It is important to choose it wisely, considering the features you wish to aggregate are best catered to or developed using a particular language or framework. 

For instance, a lot of people find Python ideal for AI/ML development. React Native is ideal for native apps for android and iOS. Choosing an uncommon tech stack could add to the Pinterest clone app development cost. It is because finding seasoned developers for a less popular tech stack can be both tricky and expensive.


Look for a development team that is capable of pulling off your app idea and turning it into reality. For cheaper hiring, many entrepreneurs outsource their application development to developing nations such as India, China, the Philippines, etc. Here the cost of hiring the top app development companies can go as low as 25$ per hour. However, in a developed nation, the android app development cost goes up to an average of $45 per hour. This could affect the Pinterest clone app development cost immensely.

Designing of App

Start the designing from an initial sketch then create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. The design should assimilate the values of your app idea. Also, the navigation should be clear and the user experience should be good. The majority of app creator give the work of UI/UX to the same company. However, there are companies that specifically cater to UI/UX and specialize in it. These companies are often expensive and add more to the Pinterest like app cost estimate.

Developing the backend

There are several methodologies to choose from for SDLC (software development life cycle). These are lean methodology, agile methodology, DevOps, waterfall model, etc. Once that is figured out, start with the development cycle.


Start nitpicking the developed application. It is essential to figure out all the major bugs and fix them before release. Test the application in different environments & scenarios to create the smoothest experience for your user.


Launch the app onto your preferred platform. If you have created a hybrid application, it can be deployed on both major platforms i.e. Play Store and Apple Store. However, for a native app, both the app store require their own native application.

Promotions & Marketing

This is the point where the marketing of the application starts. It is a continuous process and keeps on running. However in the initial phase to get early adopters, promotions get expensive. 

Maintenance & Update

Once an app is created, it requires frequent updates. Updates for new features and security upgrades. To make this happen, cost of app development goes high. It is also a frequent expenditure for app creators to bear.

Creating an app similar to Pinterest is a resource-intensive complex process. It will require the investment of time and expertise. Making it stand out and compelling would be the most challenging task. However, it is not an unachievable task and has been pulled via multiple disruptive solutions.

What is the cost of Pinterest app development?

“How much does it cost to develop Pinterest?”, there is no official cost of the Pinterest app that has been revealed. However, creating a version today would require costs on multiple factors. Factors such as:

  • Size of the team
  • Location of the team
  • Technology stack used 
  • Level of complexity 
  • Number of features
  • Deadline of the project.

When Pinterest was developed initially, the size of the team was three developers and it was developed within 3 months. The team was based out of San Francisco, California, USA in 2010. 

Even considering the average cost of android and iOS app development in the USA, the average would be around $45 per hour. 

Considering the total number of working days in 3 months = 22 (working days on average)*3 (months)

= 66 days.

Let the total number of working hours in a day = 9 hrs.

The total cost of developing an app would be = 66*9*45 = $26,730 for initial app development.

Please note, the cost taken out above excludes any other cost other than development. Also, this cost can differ based on the per-hour wage of the team. 

However, if a similar app is developed in India, the average cost of developing an app would be $25 per hour. 

The total cost of developing an app would be = 66*9*25 = $14,850 for initial app development.

Adding to it, since the inception of the application millions of dollars has been spent to maintain it and update it for its user. Also, the ongoing expenditure of marketing, app update on the platform (iOS require a yearly subscription of $99) is consistent, maintenance charges for a growing user base, charges for cloud storage, etc, will always exist.

Wrapping Up!

Simply understanding the cost of Pinterest app development won’t cut the deal. The development of an app similar to Pinterest would require a decent initial investment. Adding to it, there are several recurring costs. Currently, there is no app similar to Pinterest in the market. Instagram works with the same file type but the idea is completely different. On the other hand, creating an entire replica won’t cut the deal. Instead, the app creator is required to completely disrupt the market with novel ideation. 

Want to get into the nitty-gritty associated with the cost to develop an app, here is an article to guide you through the process.

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