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best raspberry pi alternatives Explore the world of single-board computers and choose the right SBC for your next project by comparing the best Raspberry Pi alternatives available on the market.

Raspberry Pi is a series of compact single-board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. These are low-cost, credit card-sized computers that can plug into computer monitors or TV sets. 

These can be operated using standard hardware, a keyboard, and a mouse. Although it is a compact device, it enables users of all age groups to explore computing and learn programming languages like Python. Raspberry Pi has all the capabilities that you might expect from a full-size desktop computer. 

The Raspberry Pi has made its name as a staple in the world of single-board computers and DIY electronics projects. It is a popular choice for educators, hobbyists, and makers as it offers the best affordability, versatility, and supports a thriving community of developers. 

However, with an expanding SBC landscape, a number of Raspberry Pi alternatives have emerged for users. Let’s explore some of the best alternatives available and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. We will also explore the potential use cases for these alternatives. Read our detailed guide to select the most suitable alternative to Raspberry Pi for your next project. 

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi can be understood as a powerful minicomputer that can be paired with any hardware device and effectively converted into a highly functional PC on a budget. This low-cost single-board computer can help people from different age groups and experience levels to learn all about computers and explore their functionality. 

From learning programming to understanding network management, Raspberry Pi can be used for multiple purposes. Its multifunctionality and compact size have gained immense popularity since its early development. 

The Raspberry Pi kit has become an important part of modern education. Additionally, it is a preferred choice for many tech enthusiasts as well. Some other relevant use cases of this best single-board computer in 2023 are listed below- 

  • To construct a typical desktop computer
  • To control and manage IoT robots
  • Offers excellent alternatives to web browsers
  • It can be used as a gaming console 
  • Combining a Raspberry Pi kit with a camera can develop your personal security system.

raspberry pi alternatives

What are the Raspberry Pi alternatives available in the market | Best 5 Ranked 

Raspberry Pi is not the only best single-board computer in 2023. There are multiple alternatives available in the market. These Raspberry Pi alternatives promise to offer solid performance, simple functionality, and compatibility with multiple hardware options.

 For tech enthusiasts and tinkerers, the best Raspberry Pi alternatives can serve as a powerful alternative to traditional computers. So, if you are on the lookout for the most efficient alternatives to the best single-board computer, we have an inclusive list for you. 

Let’s explore the best Raspberry Pi alternatives available in 2023. All the options are mentioned along with their usability, peculiar features, and pros & cons. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Libre Computer Board AML- S905X-CC

If you are looking for an affordable Raspberry Pi replacement, Libre Computer Board is the perfect choice for you. It is a solid single-board computer that offers a great alternative to Raspberry Pi at the lowest cost possible. It offers the best and limitless storage expansion. 

Users can use MicroSD cards for storing data in large volumes. This board offers the best features without breaking the speed and demanding large investments. Let’s discuss the main features offered by this Raspberry Pi alternative. 

Exceptional graphics Mali 450 GPU
Connectivity 4x USB 2.0 Type A
Additional storage expansion MicroSD Card slot.
Interface eMMC interface.
Speed 100 MB Fast Ethernet



Most affordable Raspberry Pi alternative. Limited capabilities and features supported
Developed with the best documentation.

2. ASUS Tinker Boards S R2.0

After the Tinker Board S, ASUS released a new SBC, which serves as the best Raspberry Pi alternative. The ASUS computer offers a stable and extremely powerful experience for all users. With solid internals, it is the best possible choice for hobbyists. With a detailed silk-screen print, users can easily monitor all their tasks.

If you wish to use Android for your next single-board computer project, ASUS Tinker Board is the best alternative available to you. Its built-in native features give it a better rank over its competitors in the market. Let’s discuss the features offered by the Tinker boards.

Exceptional graphics Arm Mali-T764 GPU
RAM 2GB LPDDR3 dual channel
Processor Rockchip Quad-Core
Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR
Speed 16 GB eMMC



Packed with the best capabilities Offers all the features at high rates as compared to other Raspberry Pi alternatives.
Offers an excellent finish.
Color-coded GPIO for simple usability

3. Orange Pi 5

The Orange Pi5 was developed specifically to compete with Raspberry Pi. This alternative offers better speed and performance as compared to other SBCs available in the market. This board is extremely suitable for media purposes. Though expensive, it is one of the most popular Raspberry Pi alternatives among hobbyists and professionals. 

It supports the best variety of ports that can process high-quality videos and other media files. It is one of the most expensive Raspberry Pi 4 alternatives available, which offers exceptional RAM capabilities. If you wish to buy this Raspberry Pi alternative, you must be aware of the following features- 

Exceptional graphics Arm Mali G610 MP4
RAM Up to 32 GB
Video Quality Upto 8k
Speed 10/100/1000 Mbps



Supports image modulation Costlier than most of the best Raspberry Pi alternatives available in the market.
Supports open-source functionality
Offers upgradable RAM

4. Banana Pi BPI- M6

With its smart functionality, Banana Pi is developed to take over the Raspberry Pi 4. Its fast processor beats the popular SBC in speed and efficiency. If you are looking for Raspberry Pi alternatives that are near clones of the original, Banana Pi is just the right choice for you. 

With expandable storage, effective speed, and an affordable price, Banana Pi is definitely the best Raspberry Pi alternative available in 2023. Some peculiar features offered by this Raspberry alternative are discussed below. 

Interface CSI camera interface DSI display interface
Processor AllWinner A20 Dual Core
Operating System Android, Ubuntu, Debian, and more
Graphics Mali-400 MP2



The best open-source hardware Difficult to find and purchase.
Backed by a thriving community
Low-power SBC packed with multiple features. Limited software support

5. Odroid N2+

Ordoid N2+ is considered among the best Raspberry Pi alternatives available in 2023. It rivals Raspberry Pi 4 in terms of specs and price. It offers the best features for multi-taskers and professionals. It is highly power efficient and is thus considered the top replacement for Raspberry Pi. 

Odroid N2+ is perfect for anyone who wishes to use a more powerful SBC than other SBCs. It has been a popular choice among users as it offers the below-mentioned features.

Interface eMMC socket
Processor Amlogic S922X
Speed 2.4 Ghz with Gigabit Ethernet Port
Graphics Mali- G52 GPU



Connects with multiple hardware devices Supports advanced functionalities at a high price.
Extremely powerful and capable
Supports advanced features like Petitboot Complicated to figure out and use


Why do you need to switch to Raspberry Pi alternatives?

Raspberry Pi is a powerful computer packed in a compact structure. This device can single-handedly manage a variety of tasks, both domestic and professional. However, it can fall short on some features for certain projects. 

To overcome this lack, the best Raspberry Pi alternatives are available in the market. With an increase in the Raspberry Pi price and its shortcomings, many users have now shifted to the better alternatives available. 

Some RPI alternatives have outgrown the popularity of the best SBc in terms of their performance, connectivity options, and specialized applications. For projects that demand high processing power, graphic capabilities, or dedicated AI tools, using the best Raspberry Pi alternatives is the best way for you. Each alternative has specific features that can cater to different projects. So, with multiple options available, there is a perfect Raspberry Pi alternative available for all enthusiasts and professionals. 

How did we choose the best Raspberry Pi alternatives?

Choosing the best Raspberry Pi 4 alternative can be based on different requirements and applications. The above-mentioned options offer the best performance-to-price ratio and are thus a preferred choice for many consumers. All the single-board computers are equipped with modern technologies and newer cores to support optimal performance. 

The top alternative boards come with Type-C ports and powerful GPUs, which can deliver high performance for all kinds of applications. To craft our list of the best Raspberry Pi alternatives, we have considered the following parameters- 

  • Efficiency in working 
  • Cost of set up and hardware
  • Graphics and storage capabilities 
  • Versatility in use
  • Availability of the SBC in the market 

Let’s understand some of these points in detail. 

1. High-Performance Support 

You must look for an alternative that is based on a fast processor, which will ensure optimal performance. A SBC based on a good processor will help you manage multiple applications smoothly. 

2. Connectivity Options

Some of the best Raspberry Pi alternatives offer multiple connectivity options like USB, Ethernet, MicroSD, HDMI, and more. More connectivity options ensure that more hardware devices can be paired with the main SBC. 

3. Price 

Raspberry Pi is primarily popular among users for its excellent price point. Some of the Raspberry Pi alternatives in the market offer better features and functionalities at affordable and cheaper prices. 

4. Community Support 

Raspberry Pi alternatives are backed by a large community of developers and tech enthusiasts who share their knowledge and expertise through different channels. 

How can you select the perfect Raspberry Pi alternative for your use?

To choose the best out of a long list of Raspberry Pi replacements, you must consider the following points. 

  • Define your project requirements and specifications of the hardware required for the same. 
  • Evaluate the software and system support offered by Raspberry Pi alternatives. 
  • Assess the community and documentation that backs the Raspberry Pi alternative you selected. 
  • Calculate the total cost of the ownership and ensure that it fits well in your budget.
  • Check client reviews and learn about the hardware from different case studies. 
  • Before deciding on one SBC, experiment with different Raspberry Pi alternatives available in the market. 

You can also follow the below-mentioned guide to select the perfect SBC for your next project. 

Sr No. Desired Outcome Suitable Choice
1. A budget-friendly alternative for hobbyists Libre Computer Board
2. Versatility in functionality and usability ASUS Tinker Board
3. Connectivity with multiple hardware options Odroid N2+
4. A single setup for multi-media devices Orange Pi 5
5. High-performance community tasks LattePanda Alpha
6. Cheap alternative for IoT single-board computer Onion Omega2 +

The Bottom Line

Although extremely popular and affordable, there is huge competition for Raspberry Pi in the market. Its alternatives are packed with features that support high functionality and performance. Single-board computers developed by Raspberry Pi competitors can challenge the original in price, performance, utility, and storage. 

If you cannot get your hands on the Raspberry Pi hardware system, there are plenty of other replacements available for you. Select the best one based on your requirements and preferences and simplify your next IT project!

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