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Top Password Manager Apps Worth Trying This Year [2021]

Secure your passwords through these password manager apps in a hassle-free way.

Top Password Manager Apps

Are you struggling to keep all your passwords safe in one place and making mistakes during sign-in attempts due to having lost them? The technology has taken almost everything in the paperless world that means everything is available either on a computer or on the web.

In order to save, manage and access different information we need security locks to keep them safe. And, not only the information but also to access almost everything on the web we need to remember the credentials. This requires us to remember too many credentials that are impossible and annoying at the same time. So the idea of an app that provides security to the data we have, whether it’s a password or other relevant information seems favourable to an extent. 

Best Free Password Manager Apps You Can Choose From

However, there are password manager apps that help in keeping our passwords secure in a single place. You can use these password manager apps to make sure you never forget your passwords. In addition, these apps also ensure the safety of your confidential information from attackers. So here’s a list of the top 15 password manager apps worth trying in 2021: 

1. True Key by McAfee

Store And Sync Your Data With Ease

True Key is a new generation password manager software with some amazing features. The software is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS along with the extension for almost all web browsers. With True Key, you get the benefit of logging-in with various options including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, and two-step verification. 

The best part of the tool is that you don't need to have a master key for saving all credentials like other software, just use one of your devices to access it. However, there is a limitation in the software as you are allowed to save only 15 passwords.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the True Key free password manager app:

  • Two-step verification 
  • Facial recognition 
  • Fingerprint lock 

Download this free password manager app for Android and iOS

2. Sticky Password

A Password Manager With Strong Security

The next password manager app in the list is Sticky Password which is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The software is known for strong encrypted security against all the possible attacks to prevent your passwords from getting hacked. Sticky Password also offers features like automatic import and export of the passwords via the web browsers.

You can also avail of the benefits such as form-filling and support for biometric authentication like a fingerprint. The Sticky Password also offers a paid version that contains additional features like cloud backup, cross-device sync, priority support, etc.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of Sticky Password, one of the best password manager apps:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Import or export passwords
  • Cloud backup (paid version only)

Download this best free password manager for iOS and Android

3. Dashlane

Powered by AES-256 Encryption

Dashlane is another prominently used password manager software that assures safety to all your password details. The software is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS devices. Dashlane protects your information with smart AES-256 bit encryption against any potential harm.

With the help of the software, you avail the options like form filling, two-factor authentication, and automatic log-in. In addition, the software also offers you the choice to save your debit/credit card or any other payment details. The software also has a password generation tool for the users to create a strong password.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of Dashlane, one of the best free password manager apps:

  • Two-step authentication
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Form filling

Download this password manager free for iOS and Android

4. KeePass

A Strong Password Management Software

The password management software was first introduced in 2004 and is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. KeePass stores the usernames and passwords of the users in an encrypted file. The password manager tool includes all the basic features including, password saving, two-factor authentication, form filling, and others. KeePass also offers built-in password generators to its users.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the KeePass fingerprint password manager:

  • Built-in password generator
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encryption 

Download this password manager free for Android

5. EnPass Password Manager

Keep Your Password Safe Forever

While digging for the best free password manager software, we encountered EnPass Password Manager which works great if you want your passwords to be safe forever. The tool is available on platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Along with the security of AES-256 encryption for your passwords, the software also offers cloud backup, fingerprint support, family support, password generator, and auto-fill. The EnPass Password Manager is absolutely free for Windows and Linux but while using it in Android and iOS you will have a limit of 20 passwords.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the EnPass password manager app for Android:

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Cloud Support
  • Fingerprint support

Download this best free password manager app for Android and iOS

6. RoboForm

New Generation Password Manager Tool

If we talk about the password manager tools, we can not ignore RoboForm. The software is the oldest tool that is still performing well against the new generation software. RoboForm offers unlimited password storing facilities with form-filling and one-click login features.

The tool also has a paid version for the users that comes with additional features including cloud sync. In Spite of being the oldest password manager tool, the user interface in RoboForm is quite impressive.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of RoboForm, one of the best free password manager apps:

  • One-click login
  • Unlimited storage
  • Form filling 

Download this password manager free for iOS and Android

7. Norton Password Manager 

Secure Your Passwords With Encryption 

If you are looking for a free but the best password manager app that contains all the basic features then this is the best choice for you. Norton Password Manager is the only available free password manager that comes with almost all the required features for users. There is no paid version of the app so you will be getting all you need free of cost.

The tool helps in password generation with the built-in tool and also has one-click login functionality. However, the tool is having some issues with the updates as it doesn't get updates from the makers frequently. This leads some of the users to look for another option. Norton Password Manager comes for Windows, macOS and some other OS.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the Norton Password Manager app:

  • Free to use
  • Fingerprint Password
  • Autofill passwords

Download this password manager free for Android and iOS 

8. LastPass

The Popular Password Manager 

LastPass is one of the most popular and commonly used passwords managing apps. The app saves all your passwords to its cloud-based storage secured with encrypted security systems. The software offers a number of features including form filling and automatic password capturing.

LastPass is also capable of importing data either from browsers or from other password manager apps if you are switching. The extension for LastPass is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Opera.

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of LastPass, one of the best free password manager apps:

  • Autofill passwords
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Biometric Protection  

Download this best free password manager for iOS and Android

9. ZOHO Vault

A Password Manager for Multiple Systems 

Last but not the least in the list, ZOHO vault comes for various Operating systems including Windows, iOS, macOS and other operating systems with the support of almost all web browsers. It comprises the ability to save the user’s password with the help of encrypted files that are impossible to bypass. 

The free edition is available with two-factor authentication and it also permits sharing logins between the users. However, there are some drawbacks to the tool that puts it behind other available password manager apps. It lacks the ability to automatically form fillings and does not import passwords from web browsers. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of ZOHO Vault, one of the best password manager apps:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • encrypted files 
  • Automatic form-filling

Download this password manager for iOS and Android

10. Keeper Password Manager

Keep Your Passwords And Files Secure

A free password manager for iOS and Android, the Keeper Password Manager allows you to securely keep passwords in one place. There is no limit on the number of passwords users can store on the app. The app also keeps hackers away from using your confidential data by forming passwords that are unique to the option of auto-filling for you across all your devices. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the Keeper Password manager app:

  • Unlimited storage for passwords
  • Auto-fill passwords across devices
  • Lock your confidential files too  

Download this best password manager app for Android and iOS

11. 1 Password

Your Personal Password Keeper and Wallet

A password manager app that offers many features, the 1 Password app is free is to use for 30 days, post which, a subscription is required. The app features fingerprint locks and forms unique passwords that protect your files. Users can fill in their passwords on any website or app. Besides, you can store information related to your credit cards or even driving license. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the 1 Password free password manager app:  

  • Store important files like license information or credit card information 
  • Share your password with your closed ones 
  • Fill your password on multiple websites 

Download this best password manager app for Android and iOS

12. Bitwarden Password Manager

A Secure Vault for Passwords

One of those password manager apps which is safe to use and provides ultimate protection, the Bitwarden password manager is making storing passwords easy. You get to conveniently sync through all your devices and randomly generate passwords for every account you possibly use. The best part? The Bitwarden vault is encrypted to a new level. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of Bitwarden, one of the best password manager apps: 

  • Encrypted vault
  • Auto-fill your passwords
  • Personalized themes 

Download this best password manager app for Android and iOS

13. Password Manager, SafeInCloud

Password Manager App With Multiple Lock Features

The SafeInCloud password manager app offers users all the pro features for free for two weeks, after which a single in-app purchase opens up all features. What’s more? There is no additional monthly fee to use the app. With the help of this app, you store your passwords and relevant data and sync it across all your devices with ease. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of the SafeInCloud online password manager app:

  • Easy to handle 
  • Autofill passwords
  • Fingerprints, face and retina locks 

Download this Best Password Manager for Android

14. My Passwords 

Your Personalized Password Manager

Perhaps the best password manager for iOS, the My Passwords app stores all your passwords and important files in one place and helps in creating passwords that are unique and hard to hack. The best thing about this app is that it does not require internet permission to function, and all you have to do is to remember one master password for the app. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of My Passwords, one of the best free password manager apps:

  • Auto exit in case the screen turns off
  • Data backup and restore
  • No internet permission required

Download this password keeper app free for  Android

15. Password Safe

Save and Auto-Fill Your Passwords With Ease

Another of those top password manager apps for those who want to keep their passwords safe and secure. The app stores all your relevant data and passwords with encryption and you get the option to auto-fill your password. All you need to do is to remember the master password to work the app. 

Top Password Manager Apps

Notable features of Password safe, one of the best password manager apps for Android:  

  • Auto backup
  • Password generator
  • Categorize your entries

Download this free password manager app for Android

The Upshot

Passwords can sometimes be a headache, especially in a busy life when remembering passwords becomes even more of a problem. We often note down our passwords in a book or a piece of paper but what if we lose that book or paper? Well, with these password manager apps, you can easily save and auto-fill your passwords on any website or apps. 

So if you are tired of forgetting your passwords, try one of the above apps and let us know what you think of them, or read some app reviews for apps from multiple categories to gain insights about certain apps.

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