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Top 10+ Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

Take control of your email inbox with these Top Email Apps for Android offering advanced features on the move.

Best Email Apps For Android

Inbox Report by the Fluent says that three in every five people check their email on the go (mobile), while 75% of people use their smartphones to check their emails. So it’s not a surprise that the app stores are brimming with Android email apps offering stock email client replacements and customization options to AI-assisted email filtering. 

With this rundown of the best email app for Android, we’ve handpicked the must-have email clients for varied kinds of email users. Let’s have a look at the features and functionalities of these best exchange Android email apps.

Best Email App for Android in 2021

With multiple features like inbox categorization, multiple account support, and an AI-backed inbox available in these email clients, our app experts have picked the best email apps for Android phones that boost email productivity among users across various domains.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a good email app for the Android platform that assists millions of users in managing all their email accounts and files all in one place. The app comes with a focused inbox that keeps the important messages on top and enables the user to switch between the emails and calendar with just a few taps. Due to its business-focused features, most of its user base consists of business users.

Microsoft Outlook also offers an exchange account, which allows the user to manage calendars, schedule meetings, and more. With all these features, the app helps the user to be more productive.

Microsoft Outlook service is used in most of the offices around the globe as it supports other email services like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail, and Yahoo Mailbox.

The email app has a splendid fluid and interactive design language that makes it a perfect fit for the iOS platform. 

Microsoft Outlook - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the good email app for Android, Microsoft Outlook app:

  • Easy access to calendar and files;
  • Scale deployments and enforce consistency;
  • Option to create and join teams meetings;
  • Support the ability to push account set up details and more.

Download this best email app for Android

2. Sugar Mail

Sugar Mail is one of the latest Android email apps. This email manager is full of amazing features that will make your everyday email management a much easier task. The app was created with the vision of making a universal platform for all email providers without promoting the workflow of one over the other. The 14-day trial period is enough to test the capabilities of this top-rated email app for Android.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of the Sugar Mail app here.

Sugar Mail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best email app for Android phone, Sugar Mail app:

  • Push-mail enabled notification so you don’t miss any mail
  • Combine inbox giving you full access to all email accounts
  • Message bundles for easy management
  • No ads and password protected
  • 14-days free trial

Download this best email app for Android

3. Newton Mail

Newton is a subscription-based email service that comes with powerful features such as Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, and more. It’s Read Receipts feature especially makes the app indispensable as it allows you to track who exactly read the email with individual mail tracking.

Its other notable feature includes a recap option that automatically brings back conversations and emails that are to be replied to or that need following up. This top-rated email app for Android is compatible with services like Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, and all IMAP accounts.

The email service costs $49.99 a year, which splits it around $4 per month.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of the Newton Mail app here.

Newton Mail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best email app for Android phone, Newton Mail app:

  • Instant push notifications for all types of email;
  • Schedule emails to be sent later;
  • Custom inbox swipes;
  • Custom folder sync and more.

Download this best email app for Android

4. Gmail

It’s common knowledge that Gmail is the most popular and arguably the best app for email on Android because of its feasibility and a wide array of features such as spam filtering, offline access, integration with Google Hangouts, and more. Thanks to Android, the Gmail app comes preinstalled on devices, which automatically adds more users to its user base, which is currently at 1.5 billion.

Gmail app offers 15 GB of cloud storage, which is almost twice as much as what other email service providers offer. Regarding the attachment size, Gmail limits the file size to 25 MB, which is most of all.

We recommend this best mail app for Android to users who regularly engage with other Google suite of products; as it will help them to sync their activities to a single platform. With support for multiple accounts and notifications, the Gmail app is preferred to bring business and personal accounts under a unified umbrella. Also, for instant action, the email app directs the messages instantly via push notifications.

In addition to this, Gmail has also announced support for AMP technology in emails. This technology enables you to send AMP-Powered interactive emails within Gmail and get subscribers more involved with your company.

Gmail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best email app for Android, Gmail app:

  • Multiple account support;
  • Confidential mode;
  • Categorization of the social and promotional messages;
  • Inline action buttons and more.

Download this best email app for Android

5. Edison Mail

Edison Mail is an elegantly designed app which is in the race of the best email app for Android phone and an ideal replacement for your stock email app. It can be used to manage mail accounts from multiple service providers including Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, and more.

The app is engineered from the ground up and offers unparalleled services with its intelligent built-in assistant that quickly curates the key info of the mail including attachments, bills, files, and Receipts.

For greater ease, the user can customize the location and types of actions, which are available in the settings.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of the Edison Mail app here.

Edison Mail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the good email app for Android, Edison Mail app:

  • Automatic categorization of the messages;
  • Real-time travel notifications;
  • Built-in intelligent notifications;
  • Package tracking and more.

Download this best email app for Android

6. Blue Mail

BlueMail is a free yet the most secure email app for Android that is capable of managing multiple mail accounts. It allows for group emailing and smart push notifications. The user can even set the timing for receiving email notifications.

The inbox layout is pretty standard, but the user can customize the inbox. The app has a light and a dark theme, which can be switched at certain times of the day. Then there is a color picker for customizing the inox theme.

For better services, the email app supports other email providers such as IMAP, POP3, and Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, 365).

Blue Mail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best mail app for Android, Blue Mail app:

  • Group mailing option;
  • Support Android Wear;
  • Can be Integrated for mobile printing;
  • Configurable menus;

Download this best email app for Android

7. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is one of the world’s largest encrypted email services that has impressed us to the core. It brings easy-to-use email encryption to the mobile device by seamlessly integrating PGP end-to-end encryption. All the email communication is stored in an encrypted format that doesn’t even allow the ProtonMail to read the messages.

The app offers a modern user interface with a set of inventive features such as the ability to send expiring emails and customizable swipe gestures. ProtonMail is one of the best Android email apps.

The free ProtonMail account includes 150 messages per day, 500MB of storage, and limited support. Then comes the Plus, Professional, and Visionary accounts, which costs € 48.00 /yr, € 75.00 /yr/user, and € 288.00 /yr respectively.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of the ProtonMail app here.

ProtonMail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best-rated email app for Android, ProtonMail app:

  • Automatic PGP key creation and management;
  • Encrypted emails and attachments;
  • Customizable swipe gestures and labels;
  • Option to set timers for messages to self-destruct after sending and more.

Download this best email app for Android

8. VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer is one of the most innovative email and contact app available on Android. It is a true Android email client that connects directly to the email and never stores the email content or passwords on its servers. 

The app helps you work smarter with features like with built-in calendar, contacts, and bulk edit, and quick replies. For better security, the app has a touch ID and PIN support feature.

VMware Boxer - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the mail apps for Android, VMware Boxer app:

  • Bulk actions;
  • Configurable quick replies;
  • Custom swipe gestures;
  • A send availability feature and more.

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9. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail app is a leading player in the race of becoming the most secure email app for Android. It’s specifically designed for entrepreneurs who wish to have efficient communication with their clients and colleagues at any time, anywhere.

This is the best email application for Android for those you like Direct Push technology. It allows the app to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. However, the app is not cloud-based and stores all the data on the device itself. 

To start with, the user can go with the trial version that is available for two weeks without any limitation, and past that, the user needs to shell out bucks to keep using the services.

K-9 Mail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best email app for Android phone, K-9 Mail app:

  • Direct Push Synchronization with supports IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 
  • Support multiple accounts;
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL);
  • Hybrid email search and more.

Download this top-rated email app for Android

10. TypeApp Mail

TypeApp is a beautifully designed email app that provides a top-notch email experience that can manage multiple accounts from one completely customizable email app. The best-rated email app for Android has an ‘Automatic Clusters’ feature that aggregates all emails from those services automatically, with a service name and avatar.

To make it a unified platform, the app supports Exchange protocols as well and configures all the accounts. And to keep the communication secure, the app is integrated with industry-leading encryption standards and then there are always passcode and lock screen options.

TypeApp Mail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the best-rated email app for Android, TypeApp app:

  • Unified Inbox;
  • Group mailing option;
  • Simplifies emails with Clusters;
  • Configurable Menus and more.

Download this best-rated email app for Android

11. myMail

myMail is another email app for Android that has garnered millions of downloads on the Play Store. It offers support for all major mail providers and other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox services. The best part of this Android email app is that it offers unlimited storage, which can come in handy for businesses. 

The mailboxes and messages interaction is quite intuitive on the myMail app, as it allows correspondence through gestures and taps.

The app keeps all the mails securely in one place and makes communication fast, light, and mobile-friendly. To keep the communication safe, this Android email app accesses users’ data directly from Microsoft and Google websites.

myMail - Best Email App for Android

Notable features of the Mail apps for Android, myMail app:

  • Real-time push notifications;
  • ActiveSync protocol supported;
  • Option to search through local and server contacts;
  • OAuth authentication for signing in and more.

Download this best mobile email app for Android


So the question remains, which Android email app is best for me? Each one of these email apps on this list helps users manage their inbox smartly and efficiently. But the best Android email app suited to your workflow and requirements can be found by answering these questions. 

  • How cluttered is your inbox? 
  • Do you spend a major part of your day drafting emails?
  • Does your work demand email scheduling? 
  • Does your email service support calendar integrations?
  • Would you like your emails to be encrypted?

If you have answers to these questions, chances are you will be able to find a match for your needs from the above-mentioned Android email apps. These top email apps for Android are developed per the needs and requirements of the present-day user base. 

Finally, if none of these apps satisfy your demands from an email client, there’s a $30 email app with an inbox zero policy, that is being used by the who’s who of Silicon Valley. These were the email services we think will declutter your inbox. Also, in case you are still confused about which Android email app will be the best pick for your Android smartphone, then you can always go ahead and take a look at the detailed app reviews of the email apps you are interested in knowing more about.  

Let us know if you liked this list. If you are a mobile app owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.  Happy Technology!

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