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PUBG Mobile-

The Best Shooting Game

by Akash Singh Chauhan

August 21, 2018

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PUBG Mobile

Idea Behind This App

PUBG, the online multiplayer shooting game that has shaken the gaming world since last year is something that everyone is talking about. The game was launched by NetEase in 2017 only for the PC that revolutionized the gaming market. The game went so viral that sold to millions in no time and still making the noises in the market. This year Tencent launched the game for mobile users, and it breaks the records in the mobile gaming industry too. The PUBG Mobile is an instant hit for the company leading the charts in all the app stores.

For those who aren't familiar with PUBG Mobile, it is a multiplayer last-man-standing shooting game. In the game, a mercenary is dropped out plane on an island along with 99 other players across the globe. As soon as the player landed to the ground, they need t to search the gun, ammo, grenade and other supplies in order to survive. The playing island is spread in the diameter of 8 X 8 in which all the 100 players has to compete. The PUBG Mobile battleground gets smaller with every electric wave that confines the area and makes players face each other. In order to win the game, the player has to hide, eliminate other players and to survive till the end of the game. The last man standing is declared as the winner of the game. The game is based on an Unreal engine 4 that is capable of making the graphics much interesting with detailed work.

However, in our experience when a successful game launch on the smaller platform there are decidedly fewer chances for it to get successful. In most of the cases when a popular game makes it way to the smartphone, it has to make compromises with its features and graphics. However, Tencent claims that PUBG Mobile version is the same as the original one that includes all the features. So, we are going to find out whether the PUBG Mobile worth trying or not with a detailed review.

  • Experience the thrill against 99 players

    Use weapon and vehicle to make your move against enemy

  • Experience the thrill against 99 players
  • Use weapon and vehicle to make your move against enemy

PUBG Mobile Features And Options: Talking about the game's feature as the company claimed PUBG Mobile has almost all elements from its PC origin. However, there few exceptions that make the PUBG Mobile little different from its PC counterpart. The PUBG Mobile has only the original Map, Erangle the abandoned military base on an 8 X 8 island with a nuclear plant location. All the different version of the Map are available in PUBG Mobile. All the guns, ammo, gadgets, vehicle and other supplies are available as you find in the PC. You are required to either log in via guest account or Facebook profile for the game. Although logging-in is advisable as it brings the daily credits and extra game points that you can use to buy the game crates, containing the clothing and other cool stuff.

Once you are done with the player appearance and ready to play, the PUBG Mobile matchmaking won't take long unlike the PC. Whether it is a solo mission or duo, you will be matched to a squad for the game immediately. However, some of the other options are absent while matchmaking from the PC version of the game. There is no option for making a private custom match in PUBG Mobile, although there is an option for chat rooms for group chatting that doesn't seem to be working fine.

It won't take long for you get connected in the PUBG Mobile, and you will be playing other 99 players on your mobile. However, sometimes there are connection problems and there was always one player discounted form every game that I played. There Is also a built-in sound chat feature in the PUBG Mobile you can use it to communicate with other players. However, it seems that most of the players use their phone’s microphone so, you can experience annoying voices sometimes.

Get your own battleground with PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile GamePlay: Although the gameplay seems the same from overlook when you start playing you start noticing the difference. The controls on mobile are different from PC and will feel bit awkward in the starting. A virtual joystick controls the player's movement, and then a bullet button at the right let you fire the gun. The all on-screen control will make feel annoying at; first, you will get used to it after a few games. Besides, the PUBG Mobile also offers different controls options including floating fire button. This option will shift the shooting button to place where your thumb last touched the screen. Honestly, the controls in PUBG Mobile are not that enjoyable and precise like PC, and you will feel confined many times.

The PUBG Mobile feels clumsy if you compare it to the PC version in many ways. Considering the Map Erangle where you have an open space and picking on the players isn't that hard. You can easily target an enemy, and if you are experienced and a good shooter with mouse, you can kill the player in no time. Besides, the mouse and keyboard as controllers offer much more precise shooting experience for extended range. However, in PUBG Mobile where you are using the controls on the screen, the mid or short range battles are excellent but shooting from a long distance won't help you much.

Our Words: Honestly speaking the PUBG Mobile didn't turn out the way I expected, the gameplay is hard to adapt and challenging to get used to. PUBG game is famous because of all the graphic elements and other factors that allures players with high-resolution shooting experience. However, all those elements are missing in the PUBG Mobile, which is for good as incorporating these would require higher hardware support. On the final note I would say that if you are playing PUBG first time and it is on mobile, you will love it but once you experience the game’s desktop thrill, you will never want to go back to PUBG Mobile again.

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