Best Mobile Banking Apps In 2019
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Best Mobile Banking Apps In 2019

Make a smart choice with your next mobile banking app.

Best Mobile Banking Apps In 2019

The time had long when people used to start making a long queue and wait for their turn to get their work done in the banks. The rapid development in the mobile industry has made it possible for anyone to create their app. Mobile banking apps let you perform many of the banking functions directly from your device.

According to a report by the British Bankers' Association, there were 57 percent jump in the banking transactions last year and almost 20 percent of people using mobile apps continually.

Tasks ranging from checking bank balance to transfer funds and from paying bills to depositing checks, everything can be pulled up by a banking app. Furthermore, a neatly created app, coupled with the user-friendly interface can hugely impact the customer base of a bank as well.

Best Mobile Banking Apps

Banking apps offer many ways to cut costs. The vast scope of banking apps has driven banks to focus more on banking apps for better customer experience. Here are some of the best banking apps that you may wish to try.

1. Bank of America Mobile Banking

Bank of America is one of the top-ranked banks in the world. It conveniently and securely caters the US-based accounts. The banking app lets you safely send and receive money using a mobile number or email address. You can also pay eBills, schedule payments, edit pay to accounts and much more.

For any assistance, you can use the app to reach a representative for help or questions with your accounts. The bank offers Mobile Banking Security Guarantee, which doesn’t take the account holder liable for fraudulent transactions when reported promptly.

Bank of America Mobile Banking

Notable features:

  • Review activity and balances in checking, savings, and credit card accounts;
  • View mortgage, auto loan, and other account balances;
  • Activate or replace credit/debit cards;
  • Set or edit travel notices for eligible cards;
  • Order check copies;
  • Set app alerts to be notified.

2. Credit One Bank Mobile

Credit One Bank Mobile helps you in managing your credit card account with much ease. With it, you can view account information, check balance, make payments, and more. The app offers a Touch ID feature for fast and secure sign in.

Credit One Bank Mobile

Notable features:

  • Check your balance and available credit;
  • See recent transactions and view statements;
  • View payment due date and make payments;
  • Track your monthly Experian Credit Score for free and see what factors contribute to your score;
  • Easily manage your multiple accounts.

3. Chase Mobile

Chase mobile app is another remarkable banking app that lets you handle various tasks such as paying bills, check deposit, money transfer, all safely and securely with your device. This app lets you know about your debts, and accordingly, you can schedule a payment for your Chase credit card.

Chase Mobile

Notable features:

  • Fingerprint sign in and don’t worry about fat-fingering your password;
  • Monitor savings or credit card activities;
  • Travel notification for your debit and credit cards;
  • Account Alerts to keep tabs on your account activity;
  • Snap a picture and deposit checks with Chase QuickDeposit;
  • Send wire transfers.

4. Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking is a banking app that offers loads of features like account management, check deposits, transfer funds, and pay bills, all within the app. This app is just not limited to banking tidbits, but it will fetch you real-time quotes, charts, market data, and news. It also doesn’t take the account holder not liable for fraudulent transactions.

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking

Notable features: 

  • Review activity and balances in your accounts;
  • View your credit card transactions and manage your rewards program;
  • Enjoy Card-Free ATM access to your accounts at 13,000 ATMs;
  • Deposit checks with ease using your Android phone’s camera;
  • Securely send and receive money using a mobile number or email address with Zelle.

5. PNC Mobile

PNC banking app offers round the clock services to its client. One can efficiently manage account information from the mobile device. With its built-in Location Services or search by zip code and street address, you can locate the nearest PNC Bank Branch. The banking app lets you make in-store purchases using your PNC credit, debit, and SmartAccess cards using your Android mobile device.

PNC Mobile

Notable features:

  • See current account balances for your checking, savings, and credit card accounts;
  • View recent transaction history in your checking or savings accounts;
  • Transfer funds between your eligible PNC banking accounts;
  • Use your camera equipped Android device to deposit checks;
  • Make one-time bill payments to billers you have entered in PNC Online Banking;
  • Send money securely and quickly.

6. Citi Mobile

Manage your Citibank Accounts and Credit Cards with Citi Mobile banking app. On installation, the user is required to sign-in with his User ID and Internet Password (IPIN). 

Citi Mobile

Notable Features:

  • Locate the nearest Citibank ATM, branches, and retailers offering Citibank Privileges;
  • Transfer funds, pay your bills or recharge your mobile;
  • Instant money transfers to other Bank’s accounts (through IMPS);
  • Request for Statement on E-mail.

7. Discover Mobile

You can manage your Discover credit card and bank accounts conveniently and securely from anywhere, using this app. With Discover Mobile banking app, check your account balance, view your account info, make and edit payments, manage your rewards, and more - all from your mobile device.

Discover Mobile

Notable features:

  • Check your balance and available credit, and view;
  • View and search transaction activity;
  • Make payments and edit or cancel pending payments;
  • Redeem rewards for statement credit or direct deposit in any amount;
  • Freeze or unfreeze your account to prevent new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers;
  • Activate a new card or report a current card as lost, stolen or misplaced.

8. Barclays Mobile Banking

As claimed by the company, Barclays Mobile banking app has been named the top-ranked UK banking app in the European Mobile Apps, Q2 2018 report. Sadly, the app doesn’t work on rooted devices. This app offers to call the customer services team direct from the app to speak to an advisor. You can also find the nearest ATMs and bank branch too.

Barclays Mobile Banking

Notable features:

  • Manage your personal and business accounts;
  • See recent transactions and check your balances;
  • Transfer funds between accounts;
  • Make payments to people you’ve paid before and people in your payee list;
  • Upload, sort, and store your important documents securely with Barclays Cloud IT;
  • Find your nearest branch or cash machine.

9. Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking

Lloyds Bank mobile banking app offers a fast, convenient, and more secure way to handle the account. Its built-in security technology keeps the banking details safe and private. The app lets you reset account password, update details, apply for loans and much more. One can also connect to the bank representative regarding any issue.

Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking

Notable features:

  • Check your Lloyds Bank account balances and pending payments;
  • Get more information on individual transactions;
  • Transfer money between accounts, and international payments;
  • Pay your Lloyds Bank loan or credit card bill;
  • Earn as you spend with Everyday Offers;
  • Easily report lost or stolen cards and order replacements.

10. HSBC Mobile Banking

Manage your money on the move and around the clock with this secure Personal Banking app from HSBC. Directly log-in to your account, view your account balances and transact money. The banking app helps protect your information by using 128-bit SSL encryption when you are logged on. 

HSBC Mobile Banking

Notable features:

  • Balance Enquiry;
  • Transaction History;
  • Exchange and Deposit Rates;
  • Home & Away Privilege Programme Offers;
  • Secure Message box to send and receive messages from the bank.

The Final Thoughts

All the banks as mentioned above have their presence across the globe. Thus, you can get yourself a space in their lockers and enjoy the pleasant experience of their apps.

Many people are wary of banking apps as it opens the window for hackers to get into your account and siphon the money in less than the blink of an eye. Every year, many cases are reported throughout the world related to banking frauds. But it doesn’t mar the fact that mobile banking apps have simplified our lives to a great extent.

Even banks have pulled up their socks to overcome any adversary and have employed certified computer engineers to tackle security issues. From fingerprint sensors to face detection technology, banking apps have evolved tremendously.

We suggest you invest in a renowned bank and cut down on the efforts and time that you might be wasting presently.

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