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A Gallery That Takes You Through The Best Android Wear Apps

Your health information is there at your wrist Gallery That Takes You Through The Best Android Wear Apps

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It was today in the morning only I read a news sipping my very first coffee of the day that an Apple smartwatch helped saved a girl’s life. The title actually provoked me to skim through the article and it was actually amazing to know the fact how a smartwatch saved up a girl’s life and helped her know the actual health condition that she was suffering from chronic kidney disease. Well, my believe in technology actually got cemented with it. Isn’t that amazing that the technology we use is actually helping us know our health way better than we have the information about it?

It’s not only Apple that is helping us know our health conditions better but also Android that offers a series of wrist wearing Android devices to help us know more about the health conditions. With this write-up, I am going to bring the limelight on the Android wear apps that are an absolute offering from the tiny green man. They are phenomenal as these Android apps can be integrated with the wrist brand to keep the information there at the wrist.

Here is a list that sums up the best Android Wear Apps:


An app on your Android device that makes it easy to video call a person sitting at any location in the world. An absolute offering. Download the app to make video calls right from your wristwatch to the people you wish to connect.


The app is amazing as it allows you to receive and send video calls. The users can also send the audios and record videos through the device as there is a front facing camera with it. Once you download and install the application, you need to pair the same to your phone too in order to remain able to accomplish the things.

Download the Android app


An Android app that takes the pain away from jotting down your to-do list on a paper just by installing the application. This wearing device that is basically an application is your choice if you have a habit of keeping your to-dos right there at your wrist. It is even wonderful to look at the aesthetics of the application. Its state-of-the-art design is just great to look upon. Talking about the functionality, it comes packed with features that make it easy to make your to-dos even more organized and structured on an app that sits just there on your wrist.  

Download the Android app


An app for the health-conscious people. The Android wear app works to find out users’ food and water intake patterns so that it could create the right balance. Users can set the personal goals and the app helps them achieve the same.


It shows the patterns and the ways that could help users shape the right balance with the food and water intake habits. The app is reputed for helping people get the right diet balance and that is why I have given a considerable space to the app in this list.

Download the Android app

Google Fit

Another Android device application for the health freaks. The app comes installed with Android wear watches and thus you don’t need to invest your time in downloading the same. The app tracks your health in a variety of ways. It tracks everything that is related to your health or which can impact your health in any of the ways. That means whether you cycle, jog, run, or walk, an app is there that minutely watches everything you do only to offer you a report on your health conditions. Users can also synchronize the data from the app to the phone effortlessly.

Download the Android app

Evernote for Android wear

I personally am a great fan of Evernote. It seriously gets the pain away from keeping the minute details that we generally skip and then get crazy to find the same. The joy of finding your notes organized neatly in an app is the ease that comes with Evernote.


Besides keeping your notes safe in the application, you could keep voice notes safe inside the app. It is a note app that keeps everything arranged safely in your Android wear application.

Download the Android app

Google Hangouts

How does it feel to chat through an Android device that sits on your wrist? Download Google Hangouts and know the experience. It is actually delighting. The ease of chatting through the application makes it more of an offering for the users looking for such an ease. Installing the app to your wristband is ideal also as you have the luxury of checking the notifications through the wristband only.

Download the Android app


In case you are an Android user but getting bothered when a song doesn’t click to your mind, you are in desperate need of this application. And, what a luxury to check the song’s lyrics right there on your wristband.


Truly amazing!! Install the app if you are a music lover. Log in to the same and get the lyrics of any of the songs you wish. You need not to even reach to your phone.

Download the Android app

PixtoCam for Android wear

The app is a great offering to you in case you wish to use your Android device that is ofcourse the wearable offering which acts as a remote to handle your phone camera. It offers the ease to use the Android wear as a remote to your smartphone. With this app, the wristwatch for Android users not only becomes a remote to shoot the picture but also your tool to record videos, control the zoom, and toggle between front and back camera.

Download the Android app


An ultimate application for the Android users to keep them updated with the scores of your favorite club. It’s it amazing that you are getting the notification on the Android device you are wearing?


Of course it is. And, thus, no more juggling between the television sets and your laptop. Just install the app, sync it with your smartphone and there you go. With the installation, you get the latest information on the matches going around. It’s one of the best offerings for the soccer players.

Download the Android app


Get WhatsApp on your Android wear and see the notifications right there at your wristband. Your Android wear app becomes your tool to reply to every message that comes to you. No more smartphone finding struggle as soon as your device generates a receiving sound.

Download the Android app

The Upshot

On that note, I am now taking a leave to start my research on a new list that may delight an Android user even more. My next write-up may summarize an Android offering or something related to iPhone. In case, you are wishing to read any of the technical or non-technical topics, do have your comments right below the post. However, the list of Android wear goes as long as we could possibly imagine but we offer what is known as the best.

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