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The Best Women Safety Apps [2021]

Around 35% of women have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence.

Women Safety Apps

Women safety is a prime concern in today’s world, considering the spurt in the number of incidents and crime rate against women, especially in the metro cities where women have to stay out for long.

According to a 2015 research report by Cornell University, around 85 percent of women had faced some or the other kind of harassment before moving out of their teenage years.

As women need to travel late at night sometimes, it is important for them to stay alert and safe. The government regularly takes necessary measures to ensure women’s safety. However, it is still important to take the matter into your own hands and download safety apps for women.

Best Women Safety Apps And personal Safety Apps

We have compiled a list of the best safety apps for women that offer many helpful features and functionalities. Take a look.

1. My SafetiPin: Personal Safety & Women Safety App

SafetiPin is among the best women safety apps that work exceptionally well. The app serves basic functions like tracking the GPS location and calling emergency contact numbers in case of emergency. Due to its popularity among the masses, it’s also considered as the best app for women's safety in the United States.

Besides, the app also shares locations of safe places nearby that the user can go to in case of emergency. The pinned locations are marked with safety scores to know how suitable it is for women.

Users can also pin unsafe areas to help other female users. SafetiPin is available in various languages like Hindi, English, Bahasa, and Spanish.

Notable features of the My SafetiPin app:

  • Find a safe place nearby using MySafety Pin app
  • Check safe routes to your destination 
  • Let your loved ones know your location with GPS tracking system
  • Get safety score of an area using the MYSafety Pin app

Download for Android and iOS

2. Women Safety

Most safety apps send an instant message to the emergency numbers, but this app offers one more safety feature, which sends the email to preconfigured contact email IDs along with the location and a link to Google Maps.

To add more valuable information to the sender, the security app captures two pictures from the phone’s camera; one each from the front camera and the back camera, along with a video or audio clip. This information is also emailed to the pre-configured email IDs.

Notable features of the Women Safety App:

  • Easy to use
  • Send Emails to pre configured Email Ids 
  • Capture image with front and back camera
  • 3 buttons to state seriousness of the situation

Download for Android

3. bSafe - Personal Safety App

The free women’s safety app works really well to ensure women security by giving the guardians and friends a channel to know the live location of the user. The user can leverage the SOS service in distress situations which will send the message along with GPS location to all the emergency contacts.

The app creates a network of guardians who will know the user’s location all the time. Moreover, the app records and send audio and video messages to the guardian group and it makes sure that the information doesn’t get lost.

Notable features of the bSafe App:

  • Automatic video recording when SOS is activated
  • Voice activation feature - activates alarm by voice
  • Your contacts can see and hear everything in real-time with the help of live streaming 
  • Lets you set up your own personal safety network

Download for Android and iOS

4. Rescuer

A women safety app that lets you send unlimited messages to the users who have already installed the rescuer app. The Rescuer app will also help to call two people so that they can reach the respective spot to rescue the person in danger. 

If the user is in danger all they have to do is open the app and press the emergency tab the application will automatically send the user’s location to five people in the user’s contact list. 

Notable features of the Rescuer App

  • Voice recognization
  • Unlimited messages to users who have installed the app
  • Find the latest trending product based on your web score 
  • Can add facebook friend list to the app

Download for Android

5. CitizenCop- Best Security App

CitizenCop is a security app that is ideal for reporting a crime at the earliest. So, if a woman is stuck in an emergency where she is in danger, or she feels some other person is in danger, she can immediately report the incident.

The app is designed keeping in focus the well-being of the people, especially women. Many times, it becomes a task to report the crime to the law enforcement department; so this app bridges that gap efficiently.

Notable features of the CitizenCO App:

  • Gets Help in case of emergency;
  • Help in reporting criminal or illegal activity anonymously;
  • Can report lost or stolen articles;
  • Makes emergency calls and send alerts.

Download for Android and iOS

6. Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Life 360 app follows the mantra of connecting people who matter the most. The user of this women security app syncs all the family members into one place and thus avoids multiple text threads among the members. The female safety app also notifies the app members when a person reaches his destination and if he/she gets late, the family locator advises the user.

Its state-of-the-art GPS location technology helps in tracking the real-time whereabouts of all the members. To keep it simple to track, every member a unique icon on the navigational map. The map can be set private and personal and this way, the members can limit the audience which can track other members.

Notable features of Life360 app for women safety:

  • Can create personal private groups, called ‘Circles;’
  • Real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map; 
  • Real-time alerts;
  • Tracks the location of stolen or lost phones

Download for Android and iOS

7. Raksha, A Women's Safety App

Raksha app is a woman safety app that also caters to the children, elderly people, and everyone else who may come across any issue or a situation. It gives you full track of the user and alters the whereabouts as well.

The app makes use of the GPS feature of the smartphone and when the user hits the “Are you in trouble?” option, the app notifies the intended contact numbers with the exact location. This way, the family members and friends can get in contact in the shortest possible time.

Notable features of the Raksha App:

  • Find the nearest police station using the app
  • Donate organ and help someone using the Raksha app
  • Enabled GPS tracking system

Download for Android

8. SOS App: Women Safety, Senior Citizen, Ambulance

It’s one of the best panic button apps, which can help people in emergency situations. Apart from women, the app is handy for the personal safety of older people and children. SOS app focuses more on medical emergencies because their team has an extensive network of hundreds of ambulances, trained rescue, and on-ground personnel.

Once the emergency button of the app is activated, the app connects the user to the nearby emergency response teams which can further assist them and at the same time, the government agencies are also alerted

Notable features of the SOS App:

  • Alert multiple contacts with one tap
  • Can be used across the globe
  • GPS tracker
  • The app is superfast, messages are sent within 2 seconds

Download for Android

9. Himmat Plus

Himmat Plus app was launched by the Delhi Police and is highly recommended for women. The app is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

Once the app is installed, the user gets the OTP on their smartphone for the verification purpose. After that, if the user feels that he/she is in any danger, they can activate the panic button and the user’s exact location and audio-video data is instantly shared with the Delhi Police control room.

Notable features of the Himmat Plus App:

  • Audio-Video transmission allowed using the app
  • Be updated with all news form Delhi Police
  • Scan QR code while you travel in any taxi in Delhi

Download for Android and iOS

10. OnWatch

OnWatch app extends the protection that we get at our home to the outer world as well.  If the app user feels distressed, threatened, or feels the need to access the emergency assistance for physical or medical reasons, OnWatch will get it in no time.

The one thing that set this app apart from others is that the user can include his working information which may include risk, and this way, its central monitoring station will respond in case of an emergency. The user also has an option of informing the team about any allergy, so that, the necessary treatment would be given in medical emergencies.

Notable features of the On Watch App:

  • Includes users GPS location with all emergency messages
  • Connected with social media so you can post your message on Facebook and Twitter
  • Just with two taps user is connected to local 911 
  • Can set Timer alerts using the app

Download for Android

11. Chilla

Chilla is another useful personal safety app for women. The USP of this app is that it detects woman scream. The user is not required to open the device and run the app, as soon as it hears a woman scream or loud shout, it automatically sends SMS with location and makes a call to the already set emergency contact. The app can also be activated by pressing the power Button five times.

Chilla is a real guardian for women who are in stress. To make the female safety app more useful, the user can further customize the functions to suit her needs. The app can be handy in case of emergencies as well.

Notable features of the Chilla women security app:

  • Send SMS and make calls even in no Internet Zone;
  • Remembers the last location;
  • Works without unlocking the apps;
  • Does not track when the user is not in danger.

Download for Android 

12. Red Panic Button

Read panic button is a legit female safety app. The name of this app itself suggests what it does. The user needs to set a number or email address to send a distress message in case of an emergency. The distress message includes the user’s address and location.

The female safety app is free to download, but there is a limit to its features in the free version. For the premium version, the user needs to pay. The features of the paid version include no ads, unlimited panic contacts, Apple Watch integration, photo/video alert message, audio alert message, and more.

Notable features of the Red Panic Button women security app:

  • Sends Panic SMS (only on iPhone and iPad 3G)
  • Alert text customization
  • Support Twitter integration
  • Retina display ready

Download for iOS and Android

In a Nutshell

All the apps for women safety mentioned in this article are the best safety apps and offer a number of features which can come handy in difficult situations. For instance, for connecting to the police, Himmat Plus app is ideal, for reporting a crime, CitizenCop, and for syncing the ongoing activities with the near ones, the Family Locator - GPS Tracker seems to be the best.

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