10 Best Women Safety Apps For Women With Smartphones
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10 Best Women Safety Apps You Must Know About

These women safety apps offers various security aspects for women to keep alert and safe

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The women safety is the prime concern in today’s world considering the increasing crime rates against women especially, in the metro cities where women have to stay out for long. As they need to travel late night sometimes, it is important to stay alert and safe. Although the government is taking strong actions for their safety, there are some apps that help them stay safe. We have listed out 10 most effective mobile apps that offer helpful services to women.

As most of the females nowadays carry their smartphone with themselves, so it is necessary to have at least one these below-mentioned app installed.

1. Safetipin


Safetipin is among the best women safety apps that work exceptionally well. Safetipin serves the basic functions like tracking the GPS location constantly and adding emergency numbers to one-touch alert message service. In addition, the app also shares the safety places nearby that the user can go to in case of emergency. The pined locations are marked with the safety scores to know how much suitable it is for women. The users can also pin the unsafe areas to help other female users. Safetipin is available in Hindi, English, Bahasa and Spanish languages.

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2. Women’s Security

Most of the safety apps offer the service of sending an instant message to the emergency numbers. But this app offers one more safety feature which is a 45 seconds voice recorded note with the message. In case of emergency, the user can send a recorded voice message instantly to the saved numbers. In the low or no network connectivity regions, women’s safety sends the message as soon as it connects to the network. Women’s Security is very easy to install and use.

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3. Shake2Safety


Shake2Safety is among the best women safety app that is built to get help in some serious situations. Shake2Safety sends the SOS message to predefined contacts either by shaking the phone or pressing the power button 4 times. However, the phone shaking option can be activated or deactivated by the users anytime. In a situation where the user is unable to operate the phone effectively, the app is very useful as it is very easy to trigger the emergency message.  

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4. bSafe

The app works really well to ensure women safety by giving the guardians and friends a channel to know the live location of the user. The user can leverage the SOS service in the distress situations which will send the message along with GPS location to all the emergency contacts. bSafe basically creates a network of the guardians who will know the user’s location all the time.

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5. Watch Over Me App

watch over me app

The location tracking is the most requisite action to ensure the safety of women, Watch Over Me App does it efficiently. The selected contacts can know the user’s location using the app and users can also specify the time allowed to track their GPS location. In case the user failed to ‘check in’ to the destined place on the pre-mentioned time the app will notify the contacts about it. In addition, during the stress situations, users can shake their phone to record everything via phone’s camera. Watch Over Me also informs the users while entering into the area with the high crime rate.

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6. Smart 24X7

Smart 24X7 is another women safety app that serves the prime features of getting help in problematic situations. Smart 24X7 has the SOS messaging service which instantly sends user's message to the preferred contacts. Smart 24X7 also allows users to send a voice note while sending the SOS message. There is a panic button in the app pressing which sends the message instantly to the contacts.

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7. Chilla


This is among the most innovated women safety app that comes in a very small size. Chilla allows the users to activate the SOS message by screaming loudly. Once the Chilla recognizes the scream it automatically sends the alert message to pre-defined contacts along with the location of the users. The users can also trigger the SOS feature by pressing the power button five times.

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8. Secure Her App

While talking about the women security, the most important feature should be considered is how instantly it respond in panic situations. Secure Her is one of the best women safety apps, if you live in a deserted place away from family and friends. Secure Her works on the same function to send the emergency message but requires only double tapping the app icon. Secure Her also responds the distress message with a call to make sure that the required help reaches to the user on time.

9. Stay Secure

stay secure

Stay Secure is another safety option for women. The app also offers the emergency message feature for distress situations. Stay Secure sends the alert message to the five saved emergency contacts on pressing the power buttons 5 times. Along with this the userS can also use the free SOS SMS service that sends the message to five contacts. Stay Secure also allows the saved contacts to track user’s location and works without the internet connection.

10. TaxiPixi

Another aspect of safety is to get a reliable and trustworthy transportation while traveling alone. Taxipixi Offers the cab service available at cheap fares at the places where it is quite hard to get the public transport. The app has fully background checked and trusted cab drivers who are available day and night for the female passengers  to drop them safely at their place. TaxiPixi also works really well even with poor-internet connectivity and slow data speeds.

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