List of Best Blockchain Companies 2018 - Blockchain Developers

We Analyzed Best Blockchain Development Companies considering their expertise in Bitcoin, Ethereum Mining & Cryptocoin:

Here are the top contenders: :

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Blockchain development, the technology underlying the bitcoin seems massive with its open source decentralized ledger. The distributed ledger aims to make secured transactions among participations through a network that is trusted among all.

Blockchain in mobile application development has unblocked the roadblocks in terms of data storage security. The decentralized structure makes the data storage in apps secured enough for everyone who is a part of the chain. Moreover, the technology seems a promising one for payment-based applications. MobileAppDaily got its hands on the top blockchain development agencies and here are the top-ranked contenders.

The process of building applications starts from defining the issue in order to solve the same while building the app. Choosing the appropriate consensus mechanism holds importance too. Validating the transactions and the process termed as “consensus” is the next step, the developers need to focus on. Right from designing the architects to exploring the additional issues, and from development of chains of blocks to successfully doing the transactions, it requires a lot of expertise to develop the blockchain applications. The below-listed organizations do it all while developing the apps for the clients. Here is MobileAppDaily’s pick on the best service providers who offer exceptional development services to the clients. Let’s have a look on the list of top blockchain developers.


With a team of 900+ professionals, Intellectsoft is engraving its success story under the exceptional guidance of Michael Minkevich, the CEO. Intellectsoft’s Blockchain lab is managed by top engineers, cybersecurity professionals, top development experts and talented developers contributing rapidly to the blockchain technology. The company’s strong focus on emerging technology is one of the reasons for its successful growth in the blockchain architect.

Intellectsoft’s client list is one impressive including some world-leading MNCs like E&Y, London Stock Exchange, The World Bank, Nestle and many others. The solutions are provided attaining the specific requirements of every enterprise. Besides blockchain,  Intellectsoft also specializes in the agile development of iOS, Android, and, HTML5 applications in addition to CRM and ERP suites

Specialities include: Enterprise Solutions, Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things Solutions, Distributed Applications, Smart Contracts Audit Services, AML/KYC Compliance, Best Cryptocurrency Wallets & Exchanges, enterprise bitcoin wallet creation.

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Founded in 2007, by persuasive efforts of Akash Takyar, the CEO, LeewayHertz launched first few apps on the Apple AppStore. LeewayHertz’s solutions are majorly for startups and development enterprises. Moreover, the firm’s blockchain applications are making a difference in the blockchain ecosystem impactfully. In a lifespan of more than 10+ years, LeewayHertz have launched over 100+ digital platforms. LeewayHertz blockchain solutions are aimed at serving the needs of startups and emerging enterprises.

LeewayHertz’s area of expertise includes designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining digital technology products and apps on blockchain. LeewayHertz always remains abreast of the cutting edge technology in the blockchain architect in order to serve their clients in the best possible way. Besides this, the firm also offers services for AI mobile apps, IoT and Cloud platforms, LeewayHertz builds end to end solution for businesses. The firm mainly focuses on designing the applications for B2C platforms for their global clients.

Specialities include: Blockchain development, Artificial intelligence enabled products, Mobile Apps: iOS, Android, cross-platform, SaaS solution development, IoT enabled apps, AR/VR solutions.

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Under the supervision of Sudeep Srivastava, Appinventiv has grown leaps and bounds. Appinventiv’s journey from a mobile app development company to now a blockchain app development firm is as impressive as the suite of services it has to offer to the clients. The enthusiastic team of 900+ architects in mobile world has been supporting Appinventiv right from its inception till date. The cutting-edge blockchain services from Appinventiv is another reason for its splendid growth in a short time period. Appinventiv has been offering its services to the global clients since 2015.

The Firm has recently added the blockchain in its array of services offered to the clients. The solutions from Appinventiv aim to tackle specific needs of the clients. The engineers at Appinventiv look forward to hearing the specific requirements from the clients in order to develop apps that could solve these issues.

Specialities include: Blockchain Development Technologies, Smart Contracts, ICO, Solidity, e-wallets, Crypto-exchange.

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Steelkiwi is renowned to create astonishing web and mobile applications for their global clients. The company utilizes modern day frameworks that focus on scaling the blockchain applications to a whole new level.  Steelkiwi is known for its agile methodologies. Steelkiwi’s method of providing the services makes it one of the most renowned contenders in the list of blockchain app development companies. The fact that Steelkiwi prefers its clients to take part in decision-making is something that sets it apart from other enterprises.

By keeping the clients’ specific requirements into the mind, Steelkiwi takes all the vital decisions in time that helps it eliminate additional cost completely. Just like every other firm, the planning is one of the most prominent aspect for Steelkiwi too that helps it in planning the development procedure accordingly.

Specialities include: ICO development services, Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, AI, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrencies, Web/Mobile App, bitcoin/Ethereum wallet development.

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As one of the leading mobile app development companies, Openxcell’s wide range of services includes an array of offerings for the clients. Being a prominent company, Openxcell is growing continually under the guidance of Jayneel Patel. To manage its blockchain solutions, Openxcell works with a team of expert to fulfill the clients’ requirement accordingly. The experts are equally dynamic at presenting the required blockchain solutions to the clients as per the specific needs they are having.

Having a global clientele, Openxcell’s team of experts include 200+ employees who are experts in the development service. Openxcell’s focus on the blockchain technologies aims to offer the services to its clients around the globe. With full security to its blockchain solution services, the team works for functionality purposes more than anything else.

Specialities include: Private Blockchain development, Blockchain Consulting, Ethereum Smart Contracts.

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6Mobisoft infotech

A trusted blockchain company that has a global identity among the top 10 contenders. Creating mobile applications, Blockchain, and AI services are the prominent functionality of the enterprise. Mobisoft infotech’s services are designed in a manner so that they could easily develop e-commerce solutions for the users. Besides blockchain solutions, the marketing techniques from Mobisoft infotech are developed keeping the client’s requirements into the mind. Based on specific needs, the blockchain app requests vary from enterprise to enterprise.

The salient features of the blockchain solutions developed by the experts are first reviewed by Shailendra Sinhasane, the CEO prior to delivering the same to the clients. It is only after the approval that the projects are being delivered to the clients.

Specialities include: Supply Chain Blockchain, Private Blockchains, Retail, Manufacturing, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Ethereum/bitcoin Wallets and more.


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Bala Kandaswamy's vision has taken Contus to a whole new dimension in the blockchain development company ecosystem. And because of the same, the company is now reaping the benefits by providing the services to its clients settled worldwide. Contus’s blockchain applications are designed to immediately deliver exceptional value to the clients. For the team, it is the efficiency of the developers that matters the most.

The blockchain brigade of Contus is an impressive one that is well aware of all the technical advancements happening in the related technology. The process, the firm takes for designing and developing the solutions seems to be client-oriented. This has helped it to achieve tremendous growth in a short timespan. The smart team of developers focuses more on the planning and development phase prior to initiating any of the projects.

Specialities include: Best Cryptocurrency & Wallets Exchange, Ethereum Solutions, Smart Contracts Services, Public and Private Blockchain Development, and more.

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8Nine hertz

As one of the fastest growing enterprises, Nine hertz is scaling the blockchain architect like no ones else is doing it. Nine hertz has experience in working with distributed ledger technology including blockchain and other such technologies. Nine hertz has deployed Smart Contracts using Solidity and Ethereum solutions that have helped the company scale new heights within a few years of the establishment.

Since 2008, Nine hertz has been crafting the most interactive apps for global brands. The enterprise has delivered 1000+ mobile and web solutions worldwide using native and cross platform solutions. Some of these apps have been awarded by global authorities for their functionalities. The blockchain solution has helped the app development agency reach to new zenith under the guidance of Narendra Singh, the CEO.

Specialities include: Smart Contract(bitcoin based)/ Blockchain Development, Smart Contract Audit, Exchanges Services and more.

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9Debut Infotech

Debut Infotech has a creative team that looks after the blockchain solutions. To build enterprise-grade blockchain applications, Debut Infotech offers end-to-end solutions. With the Ethereum solutions, the company offers a complete range of ICO development services for the clients settled in global arena. With Debut Infotech, the users don’t need to worry about their blockchain projects, the tech enthusiasts at Debut Infotech are able enough to deliver the best solutions under the delightful guidance of Gurpreet Singh and Daljit Singh, the founder and the co-founder.

With Debut Infotech, the clients can sit relax for their ICO campaigns. Right from token design and smart contract to funding infrastructure for ICO campaigns, the company is truly a champion in covering and hosting all the ICO platforms and landing page designs. Debut Infotech has been serving the clients for more than 10 years and now the firm has just unleashed the blockchain services for the worldwide clients.

Specialities include: Enterprise Blockchain development/ Smart Contract Development, Smart Contract Audit.

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10Venture Aviator

Being an innovative software development company, Venture Aviator aids enterprises to go smoothly through the early development stage. The enthusiasts at Venture Aviator have an impressive understanding on blockchain that makes it easy for them to develop any of the app by using the technology. The capabilities of Venture Aviator lies in Web Development, Mobile Development, Blockchain Development, Full-Service Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advisory, Cryptocurrency launches, and Artificial Intelligence under the thoughtful guidance of Don Oparah, the CEO.  

Owing to its bouquet of exceptional services, Venture Aviator has been named as one of the Top Custom Software Development Companies in 2017 by the Clutch. The clients of the companies include some of the firms that have already been listed in Fortune 500 company list. Based out of New York, the firm offers solutions to its clients settled in different global arenas.

Specialities include: Cryptocurrency Advisory and Launch, ICO Services, AI and more.

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11Arc Touch

Arc Touch is known as one of the most prominent Blockchain development company. Blockchain is at the forefront when we talk about Arc Touch’s suite of remarkable services for the clients. The company has been providing the web and the app development services for quite sometime and now it has ventured into blockchain development. The range of services under this technology includes a number of offerings for the users under the advisory of Eric Shapiro, the CEO.

The award-winning design agency also offers solutions regarding IoT, custom iOS, Android, and Xamarin apps, as well as AI bots for conversational platforms like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. It’s focus on delivering the services includes understanding the unique model of every business and preparing a solution by verifying every minute requirement of the clients. Right from the strategy to planning the development and designing the solutions, the enterprise plays every role dominantly for offering the best solutions to the clients.

Specialities include: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Development, Ethereum Wallet, ICO/bitcoin Wallet and more.

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Andriy Krupa, the CEO looks after the services to offer to the clients. The tech enthusiasts at ELEKS showcase their services for the clients as  “Your Technology Partner for Software Innovation.” The company truly offers innovative services when it comes to blockchain development solution. One of the core visions of the firm includes helping the clients transforming their businesses digitally through expert services from ELEKS.

The enterprise has been partnered with prominent Fortune 500 solution providers to offer blockchain solutions as per their specific requirements. With a team of 1000+ skilled developers, ELEKS has been reshaping the service industry with its prominent services towards the clients. The firm has its delivery centers across Eastern Europe and sales offices in Europe, the US and Japan in order to help global clients get the best services.

Specialities include: Blockchain/Crypto Wallet Development, Ethereum Solutions, ICO Consultant and more.

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Being the CEO at Neoteric Paras Shah, the man has definitely changed the trends in the service industry. Paras Shah’s visionary services has taken the firm to a well-known global entity that is redefining the Blockchain service industry. Neoteric specializes in cloud, APIs, web (especially diagrams & visualizations), AI and blockchain development.

Neoteric works on three main principles to deliver the services to the clients. The work ethics include quality, communication, and transparency with every project. Unlike any other established organization, Neoteric talks with the clients prior to working on the solutions, so that the services could be offered as per their requirements. Such meetings help the firm offer the best solution in the most affordable prices.

Specialities include: Blockchain Technology, ICO/ Crypto Wallet Development and more.

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1410 Clouds

With a team of 100+ experienced developers and designers based in Poland,  10 Clouds is one agency that manages the entire blockchain development and solutions with the help of its exceptional engineers having great years of experience. Whether it is about designing the new blockchain project or merely getting the an app with Android and iOS as the primary component, the team redefining the designing work. The team has experience developers, skilled blockchain enthusiasts, interactive designers and other such professionals who are passionate about helping the clients.

Under the supervision of Maciej Cielecki, the CEO, 10 Clouds has been serving the clients exceptionally well in terms of the development services. The surge in the global clientele is one prominent example of the same. Since 2009, the company has created and designed software for more than 90 businesses worldwide. 10 Clouds’s clients mainly includes firms and individuals from the United States, Western Europe, and Australia.

Specialities include: Cryptocurrency/ Ethereum development, ICO Consulting Blockchain Implementation and more.

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It’s not a cakewalk to invest into blockchain application and come up with something innovative everytime your clients require the services. The expertise in the blockchain or ethereum development application must reflect from the work of experts and this is another reason behind listing all these companies in this list. Right from blockchain development to ICO consulting and to the implementation of ethereum-based apps, the above listed organizations travel extra miles to offer the services to their clients. All these firms have a global reputation to offer services in the blockchain domain.  

Thus, we have compiled a report on the blockchain developers by incorporating the firms that have their global identity. The companies listed here have prominent blockchain architect and that is why we have included them into this list. All these enterprises have been offering impressive blockchain services for quite sometime and now they hold respectable position in the industry. Each company is different and offers something innovative from the other. The USP of every blockchain development company has been displayed in the specialities that renounces its prominancy. This brings the end to the list of the best blockchain companies.

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