20 Best Stock Trading Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Now you can easily access the financial markets with these top-notch stock trader apps
Last Updated on : March 22, 2024
Top Stock Trading Apps
Post-recession and the current ongoing inflation, the common population has had a focus on generating passive income. There are several ways of generating it. However, trading stocks is among the first in anyone’s head. This is the reason there are so many best online stock trading apps.

Smart Device users are in luck because never before have they had as many state-of-the-art best trading apps to choose from. However, the first thing you have to do before you start trading on the Android platform is to equip yourself with a reliable and good stock market app. Today there are several top stock market apps for Android and iOS available on the market, but only a few stand out.

Best Stock Trading Apps to Enrich Your Portfolio in 2024




Download Robinhood:


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Robinhood is a popular trading app that helps you invest money the way you want. It allows users to trade stocks, ETFs, and options without paying traditional commission fees. It also comes with a host of features to manage your retirement by offering a 1% match on contributions, transfers, and rollovers.

The platform also enables commission-free trading of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. The best stock market app, Robinhood also provides advanced charting features with technical indicators like moving averages and relative strength index (RSI), helping users identify trends and make informed investment decisions. Security features such as 2-factor authentication are in place to protect user accounts and holdings, which are insured up to $500,000.

For more advanced traders, Robinhood Gold offers benefits like earning interest on uninvested cash, larger instant deposits, margin investing (if eligible), and more. This one of the best online stock trading apps comes with a monthly fee after a 30-day free trial.

You can keep large amounts of your money with this one of the best trading apps for tax-free growth. You can also invest more and more or less according to your plan, whether it be $1 or $1000.

The app identifies the trends for your investing strategies with technical indicators like moving average (MA), relative strength index (RSI), and more. Not just this, you can earn cash back when you spend on offers from participating brands. 

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Download E*TRADE:


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Easily ranked as one of the best investment apps, E*TRADE is an all-in-one stock trading app that allows users services like investing, research, banking, trading, and much more. This one of the best stock apps allows traders to trade in mutual funds while providing research tools and screeners for you to keep track of to spot opportunities.

Customer care of this one of the best stock apps answers any type of queries you have. In case you want to keep a note of all the major news, this best mobile trading app features will help you. For those new to trading, E*TRADE provides an education platform to teach users about trading

This best trading app also allows you to set personalized alerts and create watchlists to keep a close eye on investments that matter most to you. It also helps you stay updated with interactive charts and a wealth of portfolio data.

With this one of the best stock-buying apps, you can access education, comprehensive research, tools, and screeners to get investment opportunities. Not just this, you can also set alerts and create watchlists for the investments you want to invest in. You get 24/7 customer assistance.

It helps you deposit your check, pay bills, transfer money, and get unlimited ATM fee refunds on your E*TRADE debit card.

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Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile

Download Schwab Mobile:


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Probably the best stock trading app for beginners, Schwab Mobile has a lot to offer as users get to stay connected with all their existing accounts through one app. With this free stock trading app, users can buy a stock they like, pay their bills, transfer money, and do so much more. Like most trading apps, this best stock trading app provides real-time updates on trading.

Schwab is committed to transparency and low costs. This best mobile trading platform also ensures that users have a clear understanding of the fees associated with their investments. Opening an account with Schwab is a breeze, with options including brokerage, Roth IRA, and checking accounts.

This stock trading app offers various secure login options such as facial ID, fingerprint recognition, or preset passcodes. You can also transfer funds quickly using mobile check deposit and external account linking features.

If you are not even a Schwab account holder, you can also see your account balances, assets, and performance on one platform. It provides you with 24/7 assistance, where you can place trades and monitor opportunities. 

Schwab Mobile is one of the best apps for stock trading allows you to build customized watchlists and monitor market trends. You can customize and enhance your app experience with drag-and-drop modules and navigation.

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

Download TD Ameritrade:


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TD Ameritrade is one of those free stock trading apps that will help you when you’re on the go. The app offers a real-time dashboard for users who keep track of the market at all times.

Users of this one of the best stock trading apps get to catch up with the latest news and updates from the market and control their finances. You also get real-time price alerts, insightful charts, and real-time streaming quotes.

With this stock trading app, you can transfer funds to and from your account effortlessly. The mobile check deposit feature allows you to deposit funds conveniently as and when you like.

TD Ameritrade also provides a wealth of educational content, including informative ideas on stock options, investing strategies, and more.  What else? You can keep track of your account, access statements and tax documents, and review transaction history - all at your fingertips. 

With this one of the best trading apps, you can transfer funds to and from your account. It allows you to use mobile check deposit funds whenever you want. Additionally, you can use face unlock or fingerprint verification to log in/sign up. You can also authorize trades and transfers from this verification process.

TD Ameritrade has also been featured in our Best Investment Apps


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Download Acorns:


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Acorns is a great trading application for traders with a small budget. It is an application that has been downloaded 20 million times and has collectively invested over $15 billion of its users. Adding to it, the application provides diverse portfolios that are created by their experts. Also, every time you purchase, Acorns rounds up the spare change and invests it on your behalf.

This best app to buy stocks also offers a fantastic way to invest in your children’s future. With UTMA/UGMA investment accounts tailored for kids, you can set them on a path to financial security.

These accounts feature custom rewards and educational content for families. Acorns also simplifies retirement planning with easy IRA investment options, including SEP, Traditional, and Roth plans.

Acorns, the best online trading app, offers subscription tiers starting at just $3 a month, bundling essential products and educational resources to keep you focused on your long-term financial goals.

With this one of the best stock-buying apps, you will get an Acorns Checking account and a heavy metal debit card that invests your spare change when you spend and automatically invests a portion of your every paycheck. Even you can set an Emergency Fund goal, and the app automatically starts saving a piece of each paycheck.

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Download Webull:


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Webull is the best stock market app for those who want to keep an eye on the live status of markets around the world. From NASDAQ to NSE, Webull covers them all, that too in real-time. This best stock market app was developed as a forex trading platform, and thousands of traders have used it all over the world. This best app to buy stocks gives 2 free stocks, valued at USD 2.50 to USD 250 when you start your account. 2 more free stocks are given between the value of USD 2- USD 1600 at the time of the initial deposit of USD 100. 

In other words, a trader with no experience can start with this best app to buy stocks and get the first introduction to the market without even spending a single penny.

This best mobile trading platform, put your spare money into investment. Through this app, you don’t need to pay for participating, and no minimum balance is required. Along with this, you will get customized risk allocation. Webull has a versatile portfolio management feature.

The best mobile trading app, Webull, you can also invest in your favorite companies. Additionally, the dynamic recurring investment feature will let you align your investing strategy to the market benchmarks. With a $0 commission, you can trade foreign stocks in the OTC markets.

Webull has also been featured in our Best Investment Apps.

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Download SoFi:


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SoFi is one of the best apps to buy stocks and ETFs and comes with a host of features designed to simplify your financial life. This best stock trading app for beginners is well-designed and easy to use; it also offers various features traders need to maximize their trading.

SoFi places a strong emphasis on security, with the protection of your account and funds.  This best app to buy stocks also provides an attractive annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 4.50% on checking and savings accounts for members with direct deposits.

This best stock trading app for beginners offers a SoFi Invest account that rewards you with up to $1,000 of stock. This provides a headstart on your investment journey. You can also plan for your retirement with SoFi IRAs and other retirement products. So, if you are looking for a convenient stock trading app with banking features, this is the best option for you.

This Mobile banking app, SoFi, is easy to use and save where you can invest in your future with IRAs and other retirement products. In this one of the best apps for buying stocks, you will get to buy and sell both options online.

SoFi has also been featured in our Best Investment Apps

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Download Wealthfront:


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Wealthfront is an award-winning application. It has been awarded Best robo-advisor, Best Cash Management App, Best Investing app, etc. The application offers no account fees.

In fact to start investing using Wealthfront, the user also doesn’t need any minimum balance. This best mobile stock trading app offers unlimited withdrawals & transfers. It is a great application that aims to maximize its user’s returns, and build wealth.

Its advanced algorithms and investment strategies are designed to optimize portfolios and cultivate financial growth. Apart from these features, Wealthfront also boasts a suite of investment and financial planning tools as well as tax-efficient strategies. 

In short, Wealthfront is a comprehensive platform that only strives for financial success but also seeks to educate its users about prudent investment decisions. 

Its Automated Bond Portfolio is a simple-to-manage, easily cashable assortment of bond ETFs. Wealthfront is a perfect place to save your short-term investments. This one of the best apps for stock trading is designed for a greater yield than savings and less risk than stocks and is customized for your tax situation. 

The app saves you plenty of time for research and completing your due diligence with a Stock Investing Account. You can also explore investing themes and opportunities to help you find more companies that you are unaware of.


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Download Stash :


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Stash has a user base of over 6M+ users known as Stashers who are building wealth and reaching their financial goals using the application. The core USP of this app is that it makes investment for stocks and ETFs way easier.

It is an application that has been helping millions of people achieve the financial independence they seek. It helps users to get started with even small amounts. Plus, Stash offers an auto-invest facility that enables you to grow your wealth effortlessly.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, Stash provides a convenient way to invest in digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Stash brings in affordable plans, including Stash Growth for $3/month, which grants access to a range of financial tools and accounts, and Stash+ for $9/month, featuring premium advice and children's investment accounts.

You can choose from thousands of stocks and ETFs with no extra commission fees. Its fractional shares feature makes it affordable, and you can invest any amount. Additionally, this best mobile trading app helps you build wealth automatically with an auto-invest feature. With Smart Portfolio, a robo-advisor that invests according to your objectives.

So start building wealth today with Stash - an app that makes investing accessible and rewarding.

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Ally Mobile

Ally Mobile

Download Ally Mobile:


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Used by more than a million people around the world, Ally Mobile is one of the top trading apps for iOS and Android devices. It is a great app to keep your finances and investments at your fingertips.

In addition to showing you the best stock to invest in, this best investing app offers timely guidance and advice for those who need it. You can also use the tools like the ETF screener and advanced charting for technical analysis. Even beginners can use this app and get all the education they need to start trading.

What else? You can receive guidance from a dedicated advisor for all your assets. This best online stock trading app takes security seriously, with no storage of personal data on your phone.

Use its cash-enhanced portfolio to invest without paying advisory fees, or use its market-focused portfolio (available for a cost) to invest a larger portion of your funds in the market. You can also automate your investing with one of the four portfolio strategies. 

Along with this, you can also track your progress toward paying off your home loan with real-time updates. One of the best stock-buying apps, Ally Mobile, allows you to view your account details, upcoming statements, and past transactions.

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Point to Remember while Choosing the Best Stock Trading Apps

Selecting the best stock trading apps for Android and iOS requires careful consideration to ensure a secure and efficient trading experience. Here are ten key points to keep in mind:

1. Security and Regulation

Ensure the app is regulated by financial authorities and employs robust security measures, such as encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect your financial data.

2. User-Friendly Interface

 Opt for apps with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that provide easy navigation and efficient order placement.

3. Account Options

Consider the availability of different account types, including individual, joint, or retirement accounts, to meet your specific trading needs.

4. Trading Tools and Features

Evaluate the range of trading tools, including real-time charts, technical indicators, and research resources, to assist in your trading decisions.

5. Real-Time Quotes

Ensure the app offers real-time stock quotes, news updates, and market data to stay informed about market trends and events.

6. Order Types and Execution

Check the variety of order types supported by the app, such as market, limit, and stop orders, and assess the speed and reliability of order execution.

7. Fees and Commissions

Examine the app's fee structure, including commission rates and other charges, to understand the cost of trading.

8. Customer Support

Look for apps that provide accessible customer support channels, such as phone, email, or live chat, for timely assistance with inquiries or issues.

9. Mobile Compatibility

Ensure the app is compatible with your device's operating system (Android or iOS) and offers a seamless mobile trading experience.

10. Demo Account

Some apps offer the option to practice trading with a demo account, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the platform before committing to real funds.

11.  Community and Reviews

Research user reviews and seek insights from trading communities to gauge the app's reputation and user satisfaction.

12. Educational Resources

Check if the app provides educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, and articles, to help users improve their trading skills and knowledge.

How do I start buying stocks with little money?

A lot of people crib over the fact that they don’t have enough money to invest. Well to make big money, one needs a big amount. However, for learning, investing small is the right way. It is essential to invest small especially if you are a beginner. Once you have an understanding of the market, start investing with a budget. However, always make sure that you have a fixed budget and are not spending all your savings on finding opportunities. Remember, trading stocks are both fruitful and treacherous waters. One can predict if the stock market will show a good sign to the investors. On the other hand, no fixed methodology ensures collateral returns.

Which are the best free stock trading apps?

Some of the best free stock trading apps that users can install on their smartphones for stock trading are:

1. Fidelity
2. TD Ameritrade
3. Trade Station
4. Ally Invest
5. Merrill Edge


 We always encourage up-and-coming traders to invest in real tools such as backtesting software to optimize their trading. A big part of this is to ensure that you are using the right apps and tools when trading.

However, it isn’t always easy to find the right apps for traders. The question, of which is the right app today, is the trending one. For creators, creating a business app that fits the needs of users requires a lot of thinking and planning. Whether it’s a question of brainstorming an app or targeting a particular audience, there are plenty of problems. 

So in case, you’re planning to build an app and not sure where to begin, check out our detailed analysis of what questions you should consider before investing in the development of a business app.  

The top stock market apps mentioned above are only a few out of several excellent stock and crypto trading platforms, and you can conduct more research to find even more apps that will help you with your stock trading journey.

We hope this article will provide you with some valuable insights into some of the best stock trading apps. Also in case, you want to read more such exciting articles, make sure to follow MobileAppDaily. If you are an app owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch.

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