YouTube’s Latest AI Features Will Transform Content Creation

YouTube’s Latest AI Features Will Transform Content Creation

Date: September 22, 2023

In its recent event, ‘MADE ON YOUTUBE,’ Subtitle- YouTube revealed several Artificial Intelligence features that will help empower creators.

If you have been a loyal and regular user of one of the largest content platforms on the internet, YouTube, you might have seen a sudden rise in AI-powered content, too. With the rapid growth of generative AI development and ease of access to AI-powered tools, content creators are ramping up their creative capabilities. AI is also helping reduce video and image production timelines, costs, and efforts altogether. To facilitate AI-powered support for its creator community, YouTube recently revealed many of the latest AI features that may make it a one-stop platform for all content creation.

In its recent event, Made On YouTube, the company announced new AI-powered features that will roll out later this year. The most prominent of these features is the Dream Screen. It enables AI-generated backgrounds that creators can generate through prompts and then place in their videos or images to publish on the platform.

What's a Dream Screen?

Dream Screen, one of the latest AI-powered offerings of Google, will help creators generate AI backgrounds through text prompts. In its later updates, YouTube announced that creators can remix existing videos using Dream Screen to remix or create something completely new out of them. During the Made On YouTube event, the team demonstrated the tool’s capabilities, generating attractive backgrounds from simple prompts in seconds.

The AI feature will be integrated with the YouTube Studio to help creators in their research. It will analyze a channel’s audience and find topics that they value most, giving top suggestions on the next video to create. The suggestions will combine what’s trending based on each creator’s personalized audience reports.

YouTube Latest Feature

YouTube’s Chief Executive Officer, Neal Mohan, said, “Today we shared new updates that will help creators and artists push the boundaries of creative expression -- by making the difficult things simple and impossible dreams possible. Making it easier for creators anywhere to create content they love is core to YouTube’s commitment to putting creative power into the hands of billions of people. Today is the start of a new era of creativity. We can’t wait to see what our incredible community of creators and artists make on YouTube.”

More AI Features In Making

Along with the dream screen, YouTube is also working on more AI features like Image generation and music search. An AI-powered music recommendation engine will also be launched in the later stages. It will take a written description of the video content and find the relevant music or audio that goes with it. 

By the end of the event, YouTube announced another AI-powered dubbing feature that will allow creators to dub their content in multiple languages. YouTube has deployed the entire Aloud team from its Are 120 Incubator program to build these features. 

The trend of AI-generated content is growing like wildfire. It is an incremental step for YouTube to offer Artificial Intelligence on its platform offerings to stay on top of the content leadership. YouTube’s parent company, Google, is investing huge amounts into generative AI systems. Launching all the AI features will be transformational in the content creation platform history if this helps creators make better videos that meet the new-age audience’s appetite.

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