You Can Now Make ChatGPT Behave To Your Taste, Mood & More!

You Can Now Make ChatGPT Behave To Your Taste, Mood & More!

Date: July 24, 2023

ChatGPT has rolled out a new feature for the Plus membership subscribers to customize how it behaves according to their choice giving a new definition to chatbot personalization.

ChatGPT is one of the most viral sensations across the globe. Built by OpenAI, this platform is one of the most advanced AI platforms available for public use till now. But, the efficiency of intelligence goes a step further as the makers of the platform have launched a game changing feature for all its ChatGPT plus subscribers. You can now make ChatGPT remember who you are and what matters to you through custom instructions.

What does this mean?

Consider Apple’s unique feature where you can customize how Siri talks to you or responds to certain messages, remembers your choices, and recommends based on your behavior? Well, the latest ChatGPT feature is quite similar but with AI backing its research, customization, and preferences while giving us the prompts.

A Sharp Mind With A Good Memory

Earlier, the platform used to have no memory capabilities to remember how you want it to behave. But now, you can not only make it behave according to your preferences, but also store it as a custom behavior preference so that it connects with you just the way you intended it to.

How does it help?

Taking the use case of a coder, they can now tell ChatGPT what type of coding they do and what type of codes they would like their prompts to be shown in. This not only reduces the number of details required in the input drastically, but also helps them get a custom experience of the entire ChatGPT interaction.

Parents, for instance, can now pre-set preferences for their children to study, create ground rules on how the platform should speak to their children, and even choose the type of academic board they would like their answer formats in.

Online shoppers who travel a lot can make ChatGPT remember which city they are in so that they can get shopping recommendations in their particular region itself.

OpenAI’s Key Announcements

OpenAI says that the platform feature is still in the opt-in beta testing phase, and will be available for all ChatGPT plus subscribers soon after checking all the security measures.

To opt-in for this feature, you have to allow custom instructions and fill a form that asks you certain questions that help it remember who you are. While there are standard questions the platform asks, you can always go into depths of details and tell it more about yourself to check the level of customized experience it can offer.

The current version of the feature is called alpha, which uses python language to conduct data analysis and visualizations to solve math problems and other complicated tasks.

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