World’s First Marriage Between Woman And Her AI Hologram Partner

World’s First Marriage Between Woman And Her AI Hologram Partner

Date: February 13, 2024

In a bizarre revelation, Alicia Framis decided to tie the knot with her AI hologram partner, marking the world’s first AI-human marriage.

While the rest of the world is still absorbing AI's overwhelming involvement in people's daily lives, Barcelona-based woman Alicia Framis has chosen to marry her AI partner. This event will be marked in the history of mankind as it will be the first AI-human marriage ever conducted. Alicia will soon become the first woman to have a virtual AI hologram-based husband.

The marriage ceremony will occur in the Rotterdam Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum. Alicia’s AI hologram partner, AILex, provides her with custom-demand emotional support. The behavior of her AI partner is drawn from her past relationships and considers her likes/dislikes a priority. This relationship is still completely virtual, with a hologram interface carrying the interactions. The AI partner cannot form a physical connection, but soon, it might be possible to transfer the brains into a physical AI-powered artificial body.

The grey lines between the white and black of the real world are diminishing faster than expected. With the boom of AI, the products coming out have drastically changed how we leverage technology in various aspects of life. AI dating services, virtual dating partners, and friends are gaining momentum in the global consumer markets. With Alicia opening doors to enhance AI-human relationships further, more people might consider this a better alternative to human relationships.

Loneliness is an epidemic spread worldwide, and access to technology has played a major role in propagating it. People have willingly chosen not to go for human engagement, thanks to the availability of virtual relationship platforms. The transhumanist future leveraged by AI will bring a new stage of human evolution.

While many would find Alicia’s approach crazy, she is not taking this as a woke war step. Her choice of finding partners began in 1995 when she explored loneliness and intimacy through her performance research. She found a mannequin doll in a French Ghetoo in 1995, which she chose as her earlier companion. Alicia discovered that human-AI companionship can be a good option for those lacking intimacy. She is also a trained astronaut from the European Space Agency and runs a space travelers’ essentials shop named MoonLife.

She keeps sharing her transhuman relationship on Instagram and considers herself in a serious and healthy companionship. Preparations for her wedding ceremony are underway, and Framis is designing her wedding dress while planning the attire for attendees. She has also collaborated with the LAM museum to curate a molecular food experience for the wedding banquet, catering to humans and humanoids. The historical event will surely be a spectacle, if not a remarkable door-opener to human-AI marriages.

Arpit Dubey

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