Build Mobile Apps on the Go: Wix Integrates Gen AI for On-Demand Development

Build Mobile Apps on the Go: Wix Integrates Gen AI for On-Demand Development

Date: June 07, 2024

Unveil the future of app creation as Wix brings next-generation AI to your fingertips, empowering you to innovate anywhere and anytime effortlessly!

Calling all entrepreneurs and small business owners!  

Wix, the popular website builder, just made your life a whole lot easier with the launch of generative AI creation capabilities for its mobile app platform.  This means you can ditch the coding manuals and the overwhelming stress –  Wix's AI is here to transform your app idea into reality.

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Imagine this: You have a vision for a mobile app that will revolutionize your business, but coding seems like a foreign language. Wix's new AI tool cuts through those technical barriers, allowing you to create, manage, and grow your digital presence through a simple conversation.

Here's the magic:  You simply describe your app's purpose and goals to Wix's conversational AI tool.  Think of it like chatting with a friend who understands your business needs.  This AI whiz then goes to work, crafting a uniquely designed and fully customizable app for both iOS and Android – all without a single line of code needed from you.

Empowering Everyone to Become Mobile App Creators

Entry obstacles are removed with Wix's new AI-powered mobile app builder. The days of requiring a deep understanding of coding are long gone. Through an intuitive conversational interface, you can easily explain the objectives and purpose of your app with this cutting-edge solution. Your idea will then be taken by Wix's AI and turned into an exquisitely designed, fully functional mobile app that works with both iOS and Android.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), this is really exciting. These companies frequently have fantastic app concepts but are unable to pay for hiring experienced developers. Wix's AI bridge eliminates this gap, empowering SMBs to establish a strong digital presence through custom-built mobile apps.

Building on Your Vision: Customization and Control

The magic of Wix's AI doesn't stop at app generation. The platform understands that your vision is unique.  After the AI lays the groundwork with a branded mobile app tailored to your needs, you have complete control over customization.

Imagine a virtual playground where you can personalize every aspect of your app. Wix allows you to adjust sections, integrate widgets, and experiment with various design elements and themes.  A built-in previewer lets you see your app come to life in real time, ensuring a seamless user experience before you hit publish on the App Store or Play Store.

Building Confidence with Wix's Support

Wix is aware that even with AI support, breaking into the realm of mobile app development may be intimidating. As a result, they provide thorough help throughout the entire procedure. Noa Eiland, Head of Mobile Apps at Wix, emphasizes this commitment: "Users can now create a custom native mobile app using the AI chat experience by simply describing their goals and visions, and AI does the work."

Furthermore, Wix offers seamless submission assistance for both Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. They also take care of new feature releases and automated version upgrades, giving you more time to concentrate on developing your business and fostering the success of your app.

The Future of Mobile App Development is Conversational

The environment of developing mobile apps has significantly changed as a result of Wix's use of generative AI. Regardless of coding experience, it enables both people and companies to realize their app ideas. In the future, anyone with a smartphone and an idea may create mobile apps. Ready to take part in the revolution now? The app of your dreams is only a chat away when Wix's AI co-pilot is by your side!

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