The New WhatsApp On Your Watch Doesn’t Need Your Phone

The New WhatsApp On Your Watch Doesn’t Need Your Phone

Date: July 20, 2023

WhatsApp has launched a standalone app that just needs your smartwatch to have Wear OS 3 or higher to call or text anyone.

Smart wearables are taking the industry by storm already. And amid this storm, another innovative and unique product has emerged, launched by one of the biggest social media players, Meta. The app was finally launched on Tuesday after months of improvements and beta testing.

WhatsApp Wearable App was recently launched by Meta with a standalone capability that gives users the ability to have conversations directly through the watch. The new WhatsApp application is currently compatible with Wear OS 3, Google’s flagship UI for android smart watches.

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg stated that this application uses VOIP to connect the users directly with WhatsApp and make or receive calls/texts without the watch being connected to the phone itself. This technology is nowhere to be found in any of the leading smart wearable brands.

Control From Your Wrist

While smartwatches are already smart enough to take care of our health, daily routine, sleep cycle and much more, till now they can only display an incoming call or text message if your phone is connected to the watch. Currently, most of the smartwatch users have limited access to engaging in conversations over a call or text with their native applications, especially WhatsApp.

With this new application, this scenario will transform the WhatsApp experience for users without the need to invest in a new watch altogether, like they usually have to in Apple products as soon as they launch an upgrade.

What About Apple WatchOS?

While the current WhatsApp wearable app is compatible only with Android smart watches, Meta is still building a standalone version for WatchOS users as well. This means that as of now, Apple watch users get access to only a limited set of features on WhatsApp, and that too if they have allowed appropriate notification on their iPhone. The app does not work without being connected to the phone either.

More Exciting Stuff For WearOS From Google!

Google has already launched multiple new application features compatible with WearOS on android watches that can make a significant impact on the global watch buying behavior for the next few months.

It recently unveiled new features in one of the most used applications on WearOS smart watches in collaboration with third-party companies, including Spotify and Peloton. The team has also announced updates on Google’s own applications including Google Home, Gmail, Calendar, with more in line of production. One of them is the AI-powered DJ feature on Spotify that was launched in May and has already garnered appreciation from the smart wearable community.

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