WhatsApp introduces 'kept messages' feature for selective message saving in Group Chats

WhatsApp introduces 'kept messages' feature for selective message saving in Group Chats

Date: February 20, 2023

WhatsApp has introduced two new features, one of which lets you save selective messages in group chats and access for desktop users to high quality images.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature called "Kept Messages".

This feature will allow users to save certain messages in a group conversation that will not be permanently accessible for everyone. If a disappearing message is kept, it will remain in the conversation even after it expires, but everyone in the group will have control over these communications and can erase them at any time. The feature is currently accessible for selected beta testers using WhatsApp Business (v2.23.4.10).

In addition to this, WhatsApp is apparently working on a new feature that will allow desktop users to exchange original-quality photographs and movies.

The feature will allow users to transmit photographs in their original resolution and clarity.

The new Kept Messages feature and the original-quality photographs and movies feature are great additions to the platform, providing users with more control over their conversations and the quality of the content they share. Have you tried out the new features yet?

Arpit Dubey

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