WhatsApp Chooses India As Its Testing Ground For Meta AI Features

WhatsApp Chooses India As Its Testing Ground For Meta AI Features

Date: April 12, 2024

WhatsApp has revealed the testing phase of Meta AI features, including an AI chatbot that will be tested in India for select users.

Meta is testing AI-powered features for select Indian users, marking a significant advancement in its AI offerings. The tech giant is launching an AI chatbot on WhatsApp for select Indian users in its efforts to build a more interactive and smart platform. All the efforts in the AI landscape fall under the Meta AI program.

The AI chatbot on WhatsApp will enable users to perform tasks such as fact-checking and translate messages without the need to leave the conversation window or the application. Meta is also testing an AI photo editor on WhatsApp to offer high-end multimedia editing within the conversation window. The AI chatbot is powered by Meta’s indigenous Large Language Model LLama.

This effort is part of Meta’s broader vision to integrate AI into all of its social media platforms and internal operations to simplify and enrich user interactions, creating a more dynamic form of communication. Users who are eligible for the test version can enable the AI chatbot by typing @MetaAI followed by their query in the chat window.

The AI-powered photo editor on the app allows users to apply creative modifications to images, including removing backgrounds, or create artistic versions of the images. This will help users to do much more on the platform without the need of an external AI editing app. 

However, Meta has held back from commenting on the pricing, deployment, and official commercial launch date of the AI features for WhatsApp globally. From what we understand, Meta will launch the fully functional version by the end of this year across its global user base. The incorporation of Meta AI on WhatsApp is a stepping stone for all the incredible transformations about to happen on Facebook and Instagram as well. 

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