WhatsApp Introduces New Features To Empower Businesses

WhatsApp Introduces New Features To Empower Businesses

Date: September 21, 2023

WhatsApp has been rolling out the latest features one after the other and is becoming a versatile tool for business transactions and much more.

Meta-owned WhatsApp platform is popular for its instant messaging features, including HD video calls, stories, GIFs, media & document sharing, and much more. But the last few updates are transforming the messaging platform into a fully loaded business operations platform. It recently introduced ‘Flows,’ a feature that allows businesses and people to create personalized forms within the chat window for services like orders, preference selection, time and date finalization for a booking, and many other use cases. WhatsApp representatives said this feature will start rolling out gradually over the next few weeks. 

Another significant update on the platform is ‘Meta Verified’ for WhatsApp business users. Like the Facebook verified blue tick, businesses and individuals who get a verified badge will get enhanced visibility and security against impersonation. Meta Verified will enable premium features, including creating a custom WhatsApp page that will be discoverable on web searches. If these pages support SEO compatibility, they can be useful in becoming a new marketing asset for many digital-first businesses.

The company is planning to test ‘Meta Verified’ on select WhatsApp Business applications that encompass small businesses before extending it to businesses of any size. The commercial rollout will happen in a few months. 

WhatsApp has clocked over 500 million users in India and has great potential to support businesses expanding their capabilities. Users can now add items to their cart and complete transactions without redirecting to payment gateway pages. WhatsApp has partnered with RazorPay and PayU to facilitate multiple payment modes, including UPI, debit cards, credit cards, meal coupons, etc.

Meta’s CEO & founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has acknowledged India as the leading embracer of the messaging mode to accomplish tasks. From team coordination to user-business interaction, WhatsApp is becoming a preferred digital platform in India. Zuckerberg also intends to evolve WhatsApp as an empowering tool for businesses shortly. 

Last week, WhatsApp rolled out WhatsApp Channels, which have already gained impressive traction. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, joined WhatsApp Channels on 19th September, marking another noteworthy milestone for the platform. Let’s see what the cumulative impact of these features results in and how we perceive the platform in the future.

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