WhatsApp Beta Is Testing Avatar Video Calling

WhatsApp Beta Is Testing Avatar Video Calling

Date: September 18, 2023

Animated Avatars, a popular video calling feature on Meta’s owned Instagram and Facebook Messenger, may soon come to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp came into existence as a simple messaging alternative that overpowered the paid traditional SMS. With time, it has evolved into a one-for-all messaging platform that offers media exchange, community building, broadcasting, and encrypted interactions. According to recent updates, Meta, the mother company of WhatsApp, is now testing an animated Avatar video calling feature on the application. 

WhatsApp For Avatar Video Calling

The animated Avatar calling feature is already available on Meta’s other two products, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version was spotted showcasing a feature that allows users to conduct real-time video calls. The new version is only available to select Android Beta testers. The beta version comes with a banner title, ‘Using your avatars on calls,’ along with the details of what users can do with the feature.

If you have an iPhone, then you might already be aware of how Memoji calling works. You simply place a call and then choose the option to switch to Avatar calling. The avatars you chose mimic your facial expressions and lip movements and convert them into a real-time version of the avatar’s conversations. While this feature was mostly used by people who do not wish to reveal their faces during a video call, it quickly gained popularity for its fun and interactive aspects.

Make Video Calls using Avtars

Instagram and Facebook Messenger quickly caught up to the rising attention of users towards Emoji-based calling and enabled them on both platforms. Now, this feature is getting tested for end-to-end encrypted calling on WhatsApp. Users can simply switch the mode on and off with a single click: Switch To Avatar and Now Now. This calling feature does not require both parties to use avatars; one person can choose to use normal video calling while the other continues to talk using avatars.

The difference in the functionality and features of all three platforms is becoming unrecognizable with each update. As WhatsApp announced the ‘WhatsApp Channels’ feature last week for 150+ countries, it is getting closer to becoming more than just a messaging app. However, third-party interoperability is a unique feature being tested for the European market due to its new compliance policies. If this feature gets released globally, it can create a unique offering for WhatsApp considering every other feature is already available on its sister platforms.

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