WeQ Launches WeQ INFLUENCERS Agency To Cater Influencer Marketing

WeQ Launches WeQ INFLUENCERS Agency To Cater Influencer Marketing

Date: April 02, 2024

WeQ INFLUENCERS is aimed to grab a major chunk of $10 billion that is expected to be spent in influencer marketing.

WeQ, the global experts in mobile ad tech agency has come up with a new marketing agency, WeQ INFLUENCERS. The new marketing agency is launched to exploit the influencer marketing landscape.

The new agency is launched by WeQ with an aim to each 100 million highly-targeted users in 2019 by engaging in attribution, tracking, and KPI-driven results.

Markus Malti, Managing Director of WeQ, said,

“WeQ INFLUENCERS leverages our market expertise to deliver the most impactful and scalable influencer campaigns for global brands.”

WeQ INFLUENCERS will be heading by Co-founders, Elena Kutsopal and Olga Wese. Both of them are expected to drive the influencer marketing agency through their thorough experience in the fields of gaming, advertising, sales, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

Elena Kutsopal is a known name in the industry, as she has worked with some of the top agencies of the world like Glispa, Gala Networks, Booking.com, and a few more. Kutsopal was also the founder of the European office of Mail.ru.

Kutsopal stated,

"By bringing our mobile marketing expertise and deep knowledge of social media platforms to WeQ INFLUENCERS, we can help brands and app developers engage with high-quality consumers across a wide array of key markets, through a fully transparent marketing approach - even by allocating conservative budgets, as we think this channel should be affordable to everyone.”

Kutsopal experience in running campaigns like the influencer performance on YouTube and Instagram will come in handy for WeQ INFLUENCERS.

WeQ INFLUENCERS is offering multiple ads like native influencer ad integrations and influencer endorsements. These ads are intended to propel the client’s ROI.

Interestingly, this year, influencer marketing is expected to attract a total of $10 billion in spending and this very fact compliments the initiation of WeQ INFLUENCERS.

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