Upcoming: A Closed Door Meeting Of The World’s Top 7 AI Companies

Senator Schumer will be holding a closed-door discussion on setting AI rules, understanding threats, and safely developing AI with the world’s top tech company leaders.

 A Closed Door Meeting Of The World’s Top 7 AI Companies

Artificial Intelligence will take over the world soon, and we cannot stop it at any stage. This is a fictional statement with an increasing probability of becoming a reality. That’s why top tech company leaders like Elon Musk urged the world governments to stop the development of AI until there are stringent and unified rules set to safeguard humans from any unprecedented threat. Senator Schumer heard this plea and is now hosting a closed-door AI ‘Bipartisan forum’ without the involvement of the press.

In June, Schumer, a New York Senator, said he would host a forum to lay down strong foundations of Artificial Intelligence development, usage, and access through new AI policies. This meeting includes a list of the top AI leaders in the world who will discuss AI regulations and other critical aspects with the members of Congress.

Who’s Invited?

The list of invite to the forum includes Google CEO Sundar Pichai; Tesla, X, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk; NVIDIA President Jensen Huang; Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg; technologist and Google alum Eric Schmidt; OpenAI CEO Sam Altman; and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The forum will have the best think tanks stationed to reduce a year’s policymaking work to just a few months. It will include the top AI developers, executives, scientists, advocates, community leaders, workers, and national security experts.

What Will They Talk About?

The Senator has planned nine different forums known as ‘Insight forums’ that will start happening from next month onwards. These forums will act as an avenue to regulate new technology to ensure early detection, prevention, and course correction with minimal impact on the public. Senator also introduced a comprehensive plan called ‘Safe Innovation Framework for AI Policy,’ which aims to ‘protect, expand, and harness AI’s potential.’

It is evident how powerful AI technology has already become, and the growth rate is overwhelmingly close to becoming a threat to humanity. These regulations come from both those who love the powers of AI and those who are skeptical about its consistency of positive intentions in the near future. The American Union is facing huge pressure due to the European Union’s impressive progress in setting the rules straight and achieving top speed in the development of AI while ensuring public safety. The discussion will held on September 13, 2023. Even though no press will be allowed on the premises, we hope to get enough information to calm your anxiety or excitement related to AI by sharing it with you before the world does. So stay tuned.

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