Twitter Bans "Wishes of Harm" in New Violent Speech Policy Update

Twitter Bans

Date: March 01, 2023

Twitter updates its "violent speech" policy to ban "wishes of harm" and protect "infrastructure that is essential to daily, civic, or business activities".

Twitter has updated its "violent speech" policy and has added new rules prohibiting users from expressing "wishes of harm" towards others on its platform.

The new policy bars users from expressing hope for someone to die or suffer physically, which is a reversal from its previous policy. 

Additionally, the policy now explicitly protects "infrastructure that is essential to daily, civic, or business activities" from threats of damage. These changes come amid a larger trend of social media companies tightening their rules around what users are allowed to say on their platforms. 

Twitter has warned that it may suspend accounts breaking the rules or force them to delete the tweets in question. While it is not clear why Twitter implemented these changes, they are notable given Elon Musk's preference for allowing all legal speech on the platform. 

This update marks another instance of Twitter's rules becoming more restrictive since Musk took over the company.

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