Top 5 Microlearning Sites To Cure DoomScrolling Addiction

If most of your time goes down the drain due to doom-scrolling on social media, then microlearning can help you eliminate it without putting down your phone.

Stop Doomscrolling

Mental health is unavoidably stooping low as our generations keep advancing. While the new world brings multiple reasons for the new generation to be depressed, one latest mental disturbance in trend is Doom-Scrolling. To identify doom-scrolling quickly, check if you came to this article through productive research or after endless scrolling on a social media app. If the latter is true, you may also be one of the victims of this anomaly.

What Is Doom-Scrolling?

A 2022 study revealed that endlessly scrolling through meaningless reels to gain a dopamine boost threw people into the depths of psychological distress leading to serious underlying mental illnesses and lower life satisfaction. Numerous books are published full of expert advice to eliminate technology addictions, but all fail to offer guided help, especially to the newer folks on earth.

Doom-scrolling has grown intense after bite-size content consumption became popular online. The quick loops of hooking your attention often create endless hours of wasted scrolling on your phone. This is exactly what Doom-Scrolling is.

How Do We Cure It?

Before answering this, answer these questions to yourself - Do I want to cure it? Do I think my will is stronger than my desires? If yes, then continue reading. Even if it is a no, keep reading; we might convince you to do better things in your life.

We Are Not Telling You To Put Down Your Phone

Instead, we want you to switch from doom-scrolling to microlearning and transform your meaningless scrolling into a productive growth timeline. Many places on the internet offer content that’s first, not meaningless, and second, helps calm down your horses of distress.

1. Catluminati - Cat Generated Content Channel

A nice guy, Christopher Watson, walks around his neighborhood greeting cats. The videos he makes belong to a time-tested genre for reducing stress, the cat videos genre. The cats have nicknames and do weird things on tape, boosting dopamine effortlessly.

2. StumbleUpon

This website is one of the most clever and fun ones to stumble upon. Simply go there, and it will take you to random websites that expand your mind.

3. The New York Times’ Spelling Bee Section

When your thumbs are tired of scrolling, visit this website. It has unique spelling bee quizzes where users generate clever clues for others to decode. It will help you get a good brain exercise in a very short time.

4. Architecture Digest Videos’ Comment Section

If you have frequented the comments section of the Instagram reels, then utilizing this habit for much smarter content will not be that tough. Just visit the comment section of this channel to witness smart humor, natural knowledge sharing, and an extremely friendly community.

5. George Saunders’ Short Story Stack

This is one of the rarest spaces on the internet that deserves much more limelight than it receives. A shared love brings together people here for fiction, who can also gain education from pre-eminent experts at just $6/month.

These websites are extremely useful for converting doom-scrolling into a healthy and productive online time.

Manish <span>Content Strategist</span>
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Manish Content Strategist

With a mixture of literature, cinema, and photography, Manish is mostly traveling. When he is not, he is probably writing another tech news for you!

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