ThirdEye's AR glasses challenge Google and Microsoft in real-life scenarios

ThirdEye's AR glasses challenge Google and Microsoft in real-life scenarios

Date: February 27, 2023

ThirdEye, a spin-off of a Department of Defense project, is taking on tech giants Google and Microsoft with its second-gen X2 MR AR glasses and AI software.

ThirdEye, a spin-off project for the Department of Defense, is taking on industry giants Google and Microsoft with its innovative AR smart glasses and accompanying AI software.

The company's second-gen X2 MR glasses not only allow for hands-free access to documents and schematics, but they can also project live digital information onto the user's field of view and relay live images to a tablet or phone. 

With a low-resolution thermal sensor built in, these lightweight glasses are perfect for use in remote settings, and have already been adopted by the military for classified projects. 

However, the potential applications for this technology are vast, and the glasses could be used to help healthcare professionals provide better treatment options and diagnoses remotely, among other things. 

ThirdEye's HIPAA-compliant telehealth AR software is already being trialled by the UK's National Health Service, which has seen community nurses wearing the glasses on home visits, transcribing patient visit records directly to their notes with their consent. 

The future of AR is looking brighter with ThirdEye leading the way!

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