The US Wants All The Secrets Behind Chandrayaan3 Success

The US Wants All The Secrets Behind Chandrayaan3 Success

Date: October 17, 2023

After India wooed the world with its first-ever successful mission of landing Chandrayaan3 on the moon, the world is now seeking its space knowledge, data, and more.

It’s not been long since Chandrayan3 became the first-ever satellite to land on the moon's surface successfully. While India celebrated its record-breaking milestone, the world’s most developed countries witnessed the wonderful expedition in awe. 

While finalizing the Chandrayaan3 expedition mission’s preparations, ISRO invited 6 top experts from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA-JPL, who do all the rockets and most difficult missions. On closely examining the technology, designs, materials, and science involved in its making, the scientists couldn’t form any suggestions. They could only say that this development tech is much cheaper and uses high-end technology, making it a lucrative method to adopt. To the ISRO team’s wonder, the US scientists instead enquired how they could build high-tech space equipment with top-end quality at a fraction of the standard cost.

Now, these scientists urge the Indian government to exchange information with their space agencies, especially the details related to Chandrayaan3. ISRO Chief S Somnath said that the world is now witnessing a completely different perspective of India. World leaders are surprised at the advancement India is showing in technology.

“Our country is a very powerful nation. The knowledge and intelligence level in the country is one of the best in the world," the ISRO chief said.

India has now opened a two-way communication to share information related to space technology development with the world’s leading countries, of which the US will be the first receiver.

"So you can understand how the times have changed. We are capable of building the best equipment, the best devices, and the best rockets in India. That is why our PM has opened up the space sector," he said.

Building space technology is not just a mega body job. Private players can build it, and multiple companies in India are coming forward with innovations that will be critically important in later missions.

"Now we are telling you people to come and build rockets and satellites and make our nation more powerful in space technology. It is not only ISRO, but everybody can do it in space. One company in Chennai building rockets is called Agnikul, and another in Hyderabad is called Skyroot. At least in India, there are five companies today building rockets and satellites,” Mr Somanath said.

He quoted Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir and explained that it is important to dream with your eyes wide open during the day, not at night while sleeping. By Chandrayaan10 mission, India will send a human who will successfully land on the moon's surface. India is growing at its own natural pace and is not going to succumb to the rate race to go into space. The first human to land on the moon’s surface, according to the ISRO Chief, will be a woman astronaut.

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