The Indian Cricket Team Is Now Coming To Your WhatsApp

The Indian Cricket Team Is Now Coming To Your WhatsApp

Date: September 14, 2023

WhatsApp has launched a new feature where people can create their private broadcast channels within the app. This will help the general public connect with their favorite celebrities, like the Indian Cricket team.

WhatsApp is making significant changes to its offerings this year. Thanks to the sudden surge in AI, multiple social platforms are ramping up their offerings to become future-proof. From integrating various AI applications with WhatsApp to launching exclusive new features, Meta is putting all its efforts into enhancing the consumer experience. 

WhatsApp Launches Its Private Channels

In its latest update, WhatsApp has launched a one-way broadcast channel that mimics the functionality of Instagram broadcast channels. WhatsApp has collaborated with various celebrities to launch its WhatsApp channels.

Indian Cricket Team on Whatsaap

One of the main attractions is the Indian Cricket Team channel, which the BCCI is excited about too. “The Indian Cricket team is thrilled to partner with WhatsApp on the launch of Channels. We kick-off our partnership with WhatsApp with the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, which is set to begin in October,” BCCI said in a statement. “We will leverage Channels to generate excitement and support as India prepares to host the marquee event after a decade-long wait. With WhatsApp Channels, fans will know important and accurate information and news about match schedules, timings, scorecards, etc. Get on WhatsApp channels and never miss out on updates from on and off the field,” BCCI added.

WhatsApp has collaborated with other celebrities to promote this new feature, including Diljit Dosanjh, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar, Vijay Devarakonda, and Neha Kakkar, among others who will launch their private channels soon. Even Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has created his private channel to provide all the information about what he’s building. He said that WhatsApp will quickly add thousands of channels, connecting people with their favorite creators, celebrities, sports channels, and more.

What About Our Privacy?

These one-way channels are secure and kept within the encryption rules for uncompromised privacy. As WhatsApp works on your phone number and all the broadcast channel members can see other members’ contact details, it was a major concern that WhatsApp has already addressed. Users in these broadcast channel groups will access content privately, and none can see other users’ details or extract their contact data through any means. The groups will only show the number of followers and people online at any particular time.

There will be a new tab to access these channels. This tab will be kept separate from our personal chats, groups, and communities. By opening the new tab, users can find the status and channels that they already follow or would like to follow.

That’s Not All

Meta also announced four new updates along with this main feature. Soon, people will be able to react to their followed channels’ content. WhatsApp is also adding a new directory to help users find their favorite broadcasters to follow. After successfully implementing this new feature, WhatsApp will allow general users to create their broadcast channels.

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