Telecom Minstry’s 10-Digit Solution Puts An End To Scammers

Telecom Minstry’s 10-Digit Solution Puts An End To Scammers

Date: May 30, 2024

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has introduced a 10-digit numbering system to prevent fraud and scam calls.

Do you get frequent phone calls from fraudsters claiming to be government officials with a critical concern you must address immediately? Every individual gets shaken upon receiving such calls, mostly due to the gravity of the issue presented by an authoritative figure. The confusion leads many to succumb to the fake officials who either steal your money or scam you into giving personal information. The Department of Telecom has found a single-slap solution to this problem by introducing a 10-digit numbering system.

This numbering system will facilitate all official service and transactional calls made by the government, regulators, and financial entities. The new 10-digit numbering series will start with a 160 prefix and will not be allotted to the general public. While the prefix will remain 160 for all, telecom and financial institutions will be provided a separate numbering that distinguishes them from government entities. For example, government bodies will begin with 1600, while financial institutions and other private entities regulated by the government will begin with 1601.

1600ABCXXX - This is the format that the new numbers will follow. 160 is a fixed prefix. AB will show the telecom circle code 11 for Delhi and 23 for Pune. C will be the telecom operator's code. The remaining XXX digits at the last will have numbers starting from 000 and going up to 999. These combinations make the series limited but easily recognizable for those aware of the new numbering system.

"It has been decided to allocate a separate numbering series 160 exclusively for service and transactional voice calls as per Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR) 2018. The TSP (telecom service provider) shall ensure adequate verification of each and every entity before assigning a number from 160 series, The TSP shall obtain an undertaking from the seeking entity that it will use the number assigned from 160 series exclusively for service and transactional voice calls as per TCCCPR 2018," the note said.

The new numbering system aims to reduce exposure to fraud and help the citizens of India get a better idea of how to validate any authorized body from them. 

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