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Facebook All Set To Launch Its Cryptocurrency On 18th June

Facebook is all set to unveil its very own cryptocurrency. Even though it hasn't yet announced its crypto plan, according to recent reports, the debut of Facebook’s cryptocurrency debut is scheduled for June 18th and its blockchain project is codenamed ‘Libra.’  June 20


Apple Launches Asocial Networking To Improve User Privacy

Apple announced its latest developments and some highlights of its new iOS13 at WWDC 2019 to reduce privacy issues everyday users face by sharing personal data on social media. It’s nearly impossible to set parameters for social networks as they are always on a look out to get more views on


Everything About iOS 12 Features and iOS 12.4 Release Date

iOS 12.4 is expected to be rolled out before the commencement of WWDC, as it has not been officially announced. Currently, iOS 12.3 is the latest and the stable version of the iOS operating system until the time iOS 12.4 is not released, but it is anticipated to come out by June 3. However, iO


Three iTunes Customers Filed A Lawsuit Against Apple Accusing It Of Sharing Personal Data

Customers' trust in Silicon-Valley based tech companies is hitting a new low. Apple, which has a reputation for putting the privacy of its customers first, was first alleged by three iTunes users, Leigh Wheaton, Trevor Paul, and Jill Paul. A new class action lawsuit against Apple has put its

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Huawei Founder Says "US Underestimated The Huawei," Huawei Ban Delays By 90 Days

Important points you need to know: Google revoking Android support for Huawei is part of the Trump administration's order. The 90-day exemption will enable the Huawei to use the Android OS by August 19. Huawei market share will be affected minimally as the company does not drive major re


Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Google And Apple Features Accessibility Focused Apps

“However difficult life may seem like there is always something you can do and succeed.” - Stephen Hawking Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Apple and Google have released a list of accessibility-focused apps featuring a collection of apps for hearing, speech,


Nearshore Software Development Trend: A Win-Win Solution

There are various benefits of outsourcing in the modern era of technology; the world companies don’t have to hire in-house teams anymore and can focus on their product marketing instead of quality more effectively by hiring nearshore software development teams from across borders. It is eas


The Best Ways to Utilize Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting is trending and for all good reasons. Gone are the days, when you needed multiple hard drives to keep a store of the financial data. A description of Cloud Accounting in simple terms is Online Accounting. Therefore, all the records of financial information are saved online on a s


Google Makes it Easier to Plan and Organize Your Trips

In a new announcement, Google has significantly updated its travel planning tools on the web. The tech giant first came up with a Google travel planning tool for mobile last year, and now, the company is planning to capture the web market as well. The new move from Google brings all Google travel


Google Marketing Live 2019 Major Highlights: New Discovery Ads, Google Ads App And More Updates

We still have not gotten out of the Google I/O 2019 conference and another Google annual event is making the rounds all over the internet. Google Marketing Live event has always been a very important event for digital marketers across the world.  Google Marketing Live 2019 finally pulled dow

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