Spotify Launches Song Psychic Feature That Sings Your Future

Spotify Launches Song Psychic Feature That Sings Your Future

Date: March 01, 2024

If you want a melodic psychic session to learn about your future love life, Song Psychic on Spotify will answer you through songs.

Spotify, the largest music streaming service, has now become the world’s largest psychic platform. The tech giant recently introduced the ‘Song Psychic’ feature to its music app, where users can ask questions and get answers in the form of musical track titles. Spotify’s understanding of music and psychic technology provides answers to personal questions one would ask a psychic.


To try it out, simply go to the Song Psychic section on the Spotify app or scan the QR code to run it on a browser. Once you’re in, you can explore a wide range of psychic genres like friends, family, love, career, and lunch. The tool offers predefined questions that you can choose from. You can also ask a custom question like with an AI chatbot, and the psychic will counter with either an answer or more questions before sharing its prediction.

Once you finalize a question, simply press and hold the screen as asked by the Psychic. A mesmerizing animation with mystical hums begins, adding to the overall psychic experience. The prediction then comes in the form of a music title, which you can decide on your own or ask for an explanation.

While the psychic tool provides entertaining and fun answers, it does not claim real-world predictions. The company works by matching specific keywords with relevant music titles and produces answers at random. It also claims that the tool does not leverage any personal data of users to operate. However, the overall experience with the Song Psychic feels like talking to a mystical all-knowing AI chatbot.

The tool being extremely new, comes with a few glitches and lags at times. Something similar happened with Spotify’s year-end wrap feature, which not only improved with every upgrade but also became one of the most successful and engaging features of the app. With time, the psychic will surely improve the time users spend on the app, purely with the intent of getting entertained.

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