Now You Can Save Fuel With Google Maps’ Latest Feature

Now You Can Save Fuel With Google Maps’ Latest Feature

Date: December 15, 2023

The fuel-efficient route feature Google introduced in 2021 has saved over 1.2 million metric tonnes of planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions.

Google Maps is the go-to navigation tool for most Android users. Even in the iPhone realm of India, Google Maps in India has a bigger user base than the iPhone’s default Maps application. The tech giant introduced a fuel-saving feature in September 2022, which was initially limited to the USA, Canada, and Europe. 

According to reports, the fuel-efficient route feature has saved nearly 1.2 million metric tonnes of planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions. This equals taking 250,000 gas-emitting vehicles off the road for a year. The hero feature is now coming to India to help the country of 1.38 billion people save fuel on their everyday vehicle commute. 

How Can You Save Fuel With Google Maps?

Google Maps analyzes the routes, the traffic on them, and any other obstacles to identify the best Indian roads for now. The latest introduction of a fuel-saving feature will now show users the best route based on their vehicle fuel consumption type. Upon activation, the app calculates fuel and energy consumption as an added layer to finding the best route on the basis of traffic and distance.

To Use the feature:

  • Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and tap your profile picture or initials.
  • Go to Settings, tap Navigation, and scroll to "Route options."
  • Click on "Prefer fuel-efficient routes" to turn on eco-friendly routing.
  • Select your "Engine type" and search for your destination or tap it on the map.
  • In the bottom left corner of the app, tap Directions and then swipe up on the bottom bar.
  • Tap ‘Change engine type’ and select yours.

Selecting the correct engine type is critical to finding the most fuel-efficient route, as the app’s navigation varies for Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid, and Electric vehicles. The app will set Petrol as your default option if you do not select your fuel consumption type. The map does not consider EV charging stops in the route for electric vehicles.

Google aims not just to help the driver find the fastest route but the most fuel-efficient one by weighing in more factors than just distance and traffic. Google’s traffic analysis is already controversial as many people have created fake traffic jams by using the app on multiple devices in the same spot. The success of this feature will unfold in the future, but the facts backing them are quite strong.

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