Technology Firm Proxy raises $13.6M In Series A Round

Technology Firm Proxy raises $13.6M In Series A Round

Date: January 06, 2020

Proxy deploys Bluetooth technology for its innovations.

Proxy, a technology company that deals in keyless, badgeless office entry, has successfully raised $13.6 million in Series A round of funding. The investment was led by Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm headquartered on Sand Hill Road.

With the fresh investment, Proxy aims to turn mobile devices into skeleton keys. It will help people to access multiple things just with their smartphones and it will also cut down the need to carry keys and cards everywhere.

Denis Mars, Poxy co-founder, and CEO said in a statement,

“The door is a forcing function to solve all the hard problems — everything from safety to reliability to the experience to privacy. If you’re gonna do this, it’s gonna have to work right, and especially if you’re going to do this in the workplace with enterprises where there’s no room to fix it.”

To make the communication secure and private, Proxy aims to power the device with an encrypted one-time token. It will prevent any unauthorized access and also at the same time, the interaction of the device will remain protected.

“I’ve been really worried about how the internet world spills over to the physical world. Cookies are everywhere with no control. What’s the future going to be like? Are we going to be tracked everywhere or is there a better way?”

The badge-based RFID entry is already existing in most of the offices and bringing something like skeleton keys won’t be an issue for Proxy. Also, it will help save time, as Proxy integrates the technology with existing access control systems.

The technology used by Proxy engages a Bluetooth Low Energy signal with an encrypted identifier which can even work even if the device is six feet away.

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