OpenAI responds to developer criticism with new policy, including opt-in data usage for AI model training

OpenAI responds to developer criticism with new policy, including opt-in data usage for AI model training

Date: March 02, 2023

OpenAI has updated its API developer policy by announcing that it will not use customer data for service improvements or AI model training by default.

OpenAI has announced changes to its API developer policy to address concerns raised by developers and users. 

OpenAI will no longer use any data submitted through its API for “service improvements,” including AI model training unless a customer or organization opts in. 

Additionally, the company is implementing a 30-day data retention policy for API users with options for stricter retention depending on user needs, and simplifying its terms and data ownership to make it clear that users own the input and output of the models. OpenAI’s president and chairman, Greg Brockman, emphasized the company’s commitment to becoming more developer-friendly and building a platform that others can build businesses on top of. 

The changes to the policy aim to broaden the platform’s appeal and massively scale. As part of this effort, OpenAI is removing its current pre-launch review process for developers in favor of a largely automated system, which will lighten the load on review staff and potentially allow the company to approve more developers and apps for its APIs in higher volume. 

These changes come in response to criticism from developers about OpenAI’s previous data processing policy, which was seen as posing a privacy risk and allowing the company to profit off of their data. OpenAI is also under increasing pressure to turn a profit after a multibillion-dollar investment from Microsoft, with expectations to make $200 million in 2023. 

As OpenAI continues to evolve and improve its platform, it will be interesting to see how these changes affect its development and the AI and machine learning community as a whole.

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