Today’s Nyt Connections Hints and Answers for Game #363, June 8 (Saturday)

Today’s Nyt Connections Hints and Answers for Game #363, June 8 (Saturday)

Date: June 14, 2024

Explore the daily Hints and Answers for NYT Connections. Use these hints to overcome daily word challenges and improve your vocabulary.

If you’re puzzling over today’s NYT Connections and finding it a bit tricky, you’re not alone. We’ve got all the tips and answers you need for the daily game.

Some connections might seem obvious. Others could leave you scratching your head. No worries, though! Little help can be just what you need to keep your winning streak alive and kick your brain into high gear.

So, if you’re stuck on today’s NYT Connections and need a nudge in the right direction, don’t stress—we’ve got a collection of clues and full solutions ready for you.

Today’s Hints and Answers for NYT Connections Game No. 363

Stuck and nowhere to go? Here are the hints and answers that can help you in winning today’s word problem. 

Themes for today

  • PRETTY ___

One-answer hints for each theme

  • PRETTY ___ : GOOD

Full Answers Revealed for Today's NYT Connections Game No. 363, June 8

Still no luck? That’s OK. This puzzle is designed to be difficult.  If you just want to see today’s Connections answer, we’ve got you covered below:


How to Play NYT Connections: A Step-by-Step Guide

NYT Connections is a challenging and engaging game that tests your ability to recognize and group related words based on themes or common attributes. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to play the game:

Step 1: Open NYT Connections App or Website

  • Go to The New York Times Connections website and click 'Play'.
  • Alternatively, download and launch the NYT Games app on your Apple or Android smartphone and tap on the ‘connections’.
    NYT Games App Interface
  • Then, click on the ‘Play’ button, and you’ll encounter the main panel of the game.
    NYT Connections Home Screen

Step 2: Evaluate Group Words

  • You will see a 4x4 grid containing 16 words. Each word belongs to one of four groups based on a specific theme.
    NYT Connections Game Screen - Create four groups of four
  • Carefully read the words and think about how they might be connected. These connections are usually more specific than just general categories like verbs or nouns; they might involve thematic or conceptual links.
  • Once you identify a group of four related words, tap or click on each word to select them. The words should be highlighted once selected.
    NYT Connections Game Screen - Create four groups of four

Step 3: Submit and Continue Playing

  • After selecting a group of four words, tap or click 'Submit' to confirm your choice.
  • If your grouping is correct, the words will be grouped under a colored label that indicates the difficulty of the connection, ranging from yellow (easiest) to purple (most difficult).
    NYT Connections Game Screen - 1st group of words found
  • The label will also include a descriptor of the group theme.
  • If the grouping is incorrect, the words will not change, and you will lose one of your chances. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of attempts.
  • If you’re stuck, use the 'Shuffle' button to rearrange the words in the grid, which might help you see new potential connections.

Step 4: View Results

  • Once you have grouped all the words correctly or exhausted all your attempts, the game will show your results in a grid that reflects your performance on each turn.
  • Each row in the result grid corresponds to a turn, showing the difficulty level of the words grouped in that turn. If any mistakes are made, the row will show a different color where the error occurred.
    NYT Connections Game Result Screen
  • Below the results, a timer indicates how long you have to wait before you can play the next game. There’s also an option to 'Share Your Results' where you can copy your results to the clipboard for sharing.
  • To review the puzzle and the correct answers, you can click 'Back to puzzle.' If you want to see the results again, click 'View Results'. 
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