New Instagram Reel Templates - A Boon For Creators Or End Of Creativity?

Instagram has recently introduced new templates to make creating reels easier and quicker. But, the impact of this new feature may not be entirely positive for viewers.

New Instagram Reel Templates

We all have seen Instagram suggesting us pre-designed reels from our stories. But, we mostly ignore them after watching as they are not really in sync or creatively appealing. So, as an improvement to their already existing templates, Instagram has finally launched new templates that automatically sync your content with their famous reel formats.

How Does it Work?

Templates are broken down into set sub-formats that instruct you to upload videos or photos based on the overall format. It’s simple:

  • There’s a song that you most probably have already seen a famous reel on.
  • Instagram copies the format and creates a customizable template.
  • You select photos and videos as required for the specific reel.
  • Finalize and upload with relevant hashtags.

What’s the Problem Here?

An already existing problem that we’re facing, repetitive content in huge masses, will grow exponentially after this feature. Along with the creators who put their blood, sweat and original content to stitch them into an already existing viral reel format, we will see a lot of non-professional Instagrammers finding their luck due to this newfound ease of content creation.

Is There Any Upside?

Well, not really. The main reason behind this is that proper content creators rely heavily on originality and maintaining a unique experience on their Instagram handles. So, the new feature will only help them create more content while they’ll ensure that their essence stays intact.

Urfi Javed is one of the modern prodigies of originality who made her career by gaining fame on social media. Now imagine people without the creativity or boldness of her, copy pasting her styles on themselves. Too cringe to imagine?

Let’s end our imagination and leave the conclusion to the future which we’ll discover soon enough. Because, on Instagram, copy paste gets viral too much, too soon.

Manish <span>Content Strategist</span>
Written By
Manish Content Strategist

With a mixture of literature, cinema, and photography, Manish is mostly traveling. When he is not, he is probably writing another tech news for you!

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