Mobile Carriers Partner with AWS and Microsoft to Launch Open Gateway APIs

Mobile Carriers Partner with AWS and Microsoft to Launch Open Gateway APIs

Date: March 15, 2023

The GSMA, the association of mobile operators, has launched Open Gateway, a new framework providing universal, open-source APIs to mobile networks.

Mobile carriers are launching Open Gateway, a framework designed to provide open-source-based APIs into carrier networks, enabling developers to access and use a variety of mobile network services. 

The plan is to increase development using APIs in applications like immersive mixed-reality experiences and web3 applications that will give more 5G business to mobile carriers. 

Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure are the first cloud providers working with carriers to provide access to APIs to developers. The Open Gateway is launching initially with API specifications for eight services, including SIM swap, quality on demand, device status, number verify, edge site selection and routing, number verification, carrier billing or check out, and device location. 

The initiative will help to create a catalyst for immersive technologies and Web3, giving them the ability to fulfill their potential and reach critical mass, said José María Álvarez-Pallete López, the chairman of the GSMA. The plan is to build and work on these APIs via CAMARA, an open source project co-developed by the Linux Foundation and the GSMA. 

The initiative is designed to increase usage on the networks as mobile carriers have invested billions in new networking technology but don't have a lot of usage on those networks.

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