21 Exciting Facts About Mobile Apps You Must Know

21 Exciting Facts About Mobile Apps You Must Know

Date: March 29, 2024

Have you ever thought about the most downloaded mobile apps or the number of apps that exist? Let’s dig into some interesting facts.

There are many interesting facts about the mobile apps world that will leave you amazed. For details head here. Mobile app development is one of the most aggressive business and has made mobile apps incredibly popular around the globe. This field is diverse, wide and highly innovative which has brought massive change in business approach and revenue generation.

Let’s get engaged and introduce ourselves to the world of exciting mobile app facts.

  1. Did you know that at least 69-87% of average time spent by the users is on mobile apps and less on a website?  Yes, this is an interesting fact about the mobile apps which has become a ferocious driving force for developers to develop flawless and innovative mobile apps. Quality and ease of functionality ignite a huge amount of interest among the users and they happen to spend a lot of time on mobile apps.
  2. Ever wondered which was the first mobile app ever built? It is ‘Snake’, the video game introduced on Nokia 6110 in 1997. Best part is that game still exists, it is great to realize how far mobile apps have come in years.
  3. Developers of Pokemon Go earned $16 million per day same as Clash of Clans. The release of Pokemon Go in July 2016 witnessed numerous injuries as it has become the habit of the users to stare at their smartphones while walking down the streets instead of being alert. However, this has never stopped people from downloading Pokemon Go in droves. It has clocked over 20 million downloads in the US alone in the first week of its release.
  4. There are apps that have generated the revenues in millions since the evolution of mobile ecosystem. For instance, ColorSplash, SoundHound, Instagram, Pocket God, WhatsApp and Spotify.
  5. A report by Marketing Land says that mobile advertising will account for at least 72% of all the digital ad spending in the US by 2019. This fact means if you want to earn digital ad revenue then focus on mobile apps and let the money follow you.
  6. Android has more downloads, but iOS has a much higher revenue. Along with this there is one more predicted fact that there will be almost 269 billion mobile app downloads in total by the end of 2017.
  7. It is quite interesting to know that when iPhone was launched in 2007, Steve Job’s imagination was not touched by the thought of App Store not even by an inch. App Store was launched with iOS 2 in July 2008, and Google launched the Google Play Store in October 2008 which was followed by Windows App store in 2012.
  8. At least 83-85% of the users believe that it is important they should have a unified experience across all the mobile devices. This fact about mobile apps suggests there is a need to build apps for all the best mobile platforms. Also, all the mobile apps should look similar on all the platforms they are being used.
  9. It is worth mentioning, mobile apps are available in abundance. Additionally, the three leading app stores, i.e. Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and Microsoft app store can collectively churn approx. 5 million apps. Breaking off the data for individual platform would mean 2.2 million on Google Play, 0.7 million for Windows and 2 million for Apple.
  10. Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook mobile apps are Facebook Inc.’s owned products. You will be amazed to know the fact that most downloaded mobile app of all time is Facebook, and following it comes the Instagram and WhatsApp and then comes Facebook messenger.
  11. Apple alone has paid almost $50 billion to mobile app developers since 2008. Richest of them all is the mobile app development team who developed Clash of Clans. It was launched in 2012 and grossed over $5 billion pulling over at least $1.5 million a day. This is remarkable for a free game app download.
  12. You will be quite surprised to know that various startups around the world are eyeing Indian app development market. Mobile App developer community in India is set to reach 4million in the coming year. Hiring an app development professional is inexpensive in India. Whereas in North America, app development business is way expensive.
  13. There are big sharks who have incorporated mobile apps like Salesforce, SAP, and IBM. Users constantly check their phones and according to Apple users unlock their phones at least 80 times a day.
  14. Approx. 63% of the millennial population prefer to make a purchase via mobile apps in comparison to any other platform. Yet poor app experience has put off 21% of the users while 31% were not interested in recommending the app. This mobile app user experience fact suggests that a bad mobile app can damage the name of the brand to a great extent.
  15. The young generation, as well as the users of over 50 age group, are passionate about shopping via mobile apps. Analytics anticipate that by 2024, 42% of retail sales will include apps to a great extent. They might be playing an integral role in checking prices, research work or in regards to the purchase of the product.
  16. For more than half of the world’s population best mode of instant and easy news is mobile apps. 44% of the people receive the news via mobile apps like BBC, CNN, ITN, Facebook etc. Users happen to spend 87% of their mobile media time on the applications as compared to the web browser.
  17. In-App advertising has gained an important place in mobile-app advertising. Ad expenditure with in-app is likely to reach $16.9 billion by next year i.e. 2018. This mobile app fact remains amazing reason being, it is happening regardless of the sales growth slowing down in the US and on the other hand, Apple is putting the pressure on ad blocking tech. This means users will be allowed to block the ads in the Safari browser.
  18. India seems to be emerging as the second largest mobile app market after the US in 2018. Approx. 65% of the Indian internet traffic churns via mobile app. The day is not far off when this nation is going to be mobile-first nation in true sense. Savvy app developers are eyeing the Indian market anticipating a bright mobile app future.
  19. At least 85% of B2B marketers are the firm believers of the fact that mobile apps hold an immense importance in content marketing. Yes, this is true and that means mobile apps should not be considered only as productivity enhancers or retail apps. In fact, mobile apps should be regarded as one of the most powerful marketing tools.
  20. For 42 percent of the mobile app developers iOS app development is the first choice whereas 31 percent of the app developers choose Android app development.
  21. US citizens spend at least 129.4 billion minutes per month on mobile apps. Bigger picture is that there are 101.8 million US citizens who use mobile apps

Final Thoughts

Wow, these stats and facts are worth to share with your family and friends. This was the compilation of interesting and unknown facts about the mobile apps we all happen to use. They are not here just to serve our needs but also to help and open our minds to a greater horizon of innovation and its effects. For more interesting facts about mobile apps, stay Tuned!

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