Microsoft’s New Era Of AI May Be Your Biggest Nightmare

Microsoft’s New Era Of AI May Be Your Biggest Nightmare

Date: June 03, 2024

Microsoft recently launched Copilot Plus laptops with the Recall AI feature that takes screenshots of everything you do. But are they completely secure?

Microsoft has made the biggest leap in the last decade by acquiring the majority stakes in OpenAI, the pioneer GenAI company. Since the acquisition, the company has swiftly introduced new AI features in its existing services and products to seamlessly enhance user experience and tech capabilities. The latest introduction, however, may be a far fetch in terms of building, sustainaing, and securing trust among its users. 

Microsoft has launched its latest laptop series, the Copilot Plus. The laptops come equipped with the latest hardware to run AI functions seamlessly, and provide a smarter user experience than its traditional laptop series. One of the key features of the Copilot Plus laptops is the the Recall AI feature.

This function, when switched on, takes screenshots of every action you take, stores it in end-to-end encryptions, and provides it to users whenever they are seeking something from the past. Recall AI gives Microsoft laptops a photographic memory that can be accessed anytime one wants, but that’s where th controversial catch lies. Microsoft now has monitoring access to every move you make locally on its laptops. 

While the company claims advanced security layers using access control technology, there are many more aspects that raise alarming concerns regarding the leakage and misuse of the stored information.

Microsoft has shared its response to the newfound concerns revolving on the internet globally, 'We built this feature with security in mind and have multiple layers of security in Windows to prevent compromise. We also leverage Windows encryption and access control technology to protect sensitive data against attack. We are committed to providing our customers with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions based on their preferences.'

The Information Commissioner’s Office has also contacted Microsoft to reveal its security measures in detail. AI development requires stringent laws to be in place for protecting users from fraud, scams, and identity theft. Even if the files are stored locally, as soon as the laptops reach an advanced user’s hands, the data may get leaked quite easily. While Microsoft asks for consent to store the information, users may not know the technical nuances of the feature and the measures they should take to protect their critical data. Close scrutiny of the AI feature will provide much more clarity on how it complies with the latest AI laws worldwide.

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