Meta May Soon Launch Generative AI Ad Offerings

Meta May Soon Launch Generative AI Ad Offerings

Date: May 08, 2024

Meta is planning to expand its AD offerings to facilitate AI-powered tools that automatically create versions of images and align text on them.

Meta, a global leader in social media platforms, runs one of the world’s largest and most widely used ad networks. Businesses ranging from garage startups to age-old enterprises have relied on the social media giant to generate profitable revenues and scale on demand. For the last two years, Meta has been investing heavily in developing AI capabilities to help enhance both end-user and business experiences.

In the latest news, the tech giant is reportedly expanding its ad creation tools’ offering to include generative AI features. Meta may soon launch an AI-powered Ad creation feature that automatically generates images and aligns text overlays. The tool will launch in test form without adding watermarks to the AI-generated image ads. This announcement underscores Meta's commitment to investing billions of dollars in developing AI capabilities that not only improve monetization opportunities but also enhance user experience, putting the user at the heart of its innovations.

Meta claims to improve advertisers' ROI on its platforms by automating the ad creation process by building AI-generated image ad tools. However, the no-watermark rule on in-house AI-generated Image Ads can create a blur between them, and the AI ads made externally. Meta’s head of monetization, John Hegeman, said that before the full commercial launch happens, the rules around setting watermarks will be sorted to prevent discrepancies in security compliance.

Currently, Meta’s AI assistant puts a label on all AI-generated images and videos to separate AI content from real ones created by humans. Google, Meta’s closest advertising rival, launched a similar offering earlier this year in February. The ads developed by Google’s AI-generative tools will be labeled with SynthID watermarking technology developed by its in-house AI lab, Deepmind.

To use Meta’s AI Ad generation tool, advertisers can upload images of their products and generate versions of those images with automatic text placement. The images can be easily edited using prompts. The platform is also working on generative text offerings for its Ad network, which will help advertisers generate headlines, subheadings, descriptions, and more.

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