These Massive AI Updates Will Surely Impress All Chrome Users

These Massive AI Updates Will Surely Impress All Chrome Users

Date: January 24, 2024

Google has been actively pushing AI capabilities to enhance the user experience and provide top features to keep its name on top of the AI field.

Since its launch, Google has been on the top of leaderboards in all its domains. With AI booming, the tech giant has been actively pushing new AI features in all its services, the most successful of which have been on Google Pixel smartphones. Apart from its indigenous LLM, Gemini, and GenAI Bard, it has been working on enhancing user experiences and service capabilities.

In its latest blog post, Google announced three major experimental AI updates to its Chrome browser to make browsing easier and more efficient. These updates are ready-to-use across all US MAC and Windows PC users starting today. All they need to do is to search the ‘Experimental AI’ page in the Settings menu to get started. While the world will start receiving the updates later on, here’s all the information to help you understand what to expect from them:

1. Tab Organizer

Most of us are used to keeping more tabs open than in use for any justifiable reason. But, we often forget the tab we were actually looking for and end up reducing our productivity even further, searching for the lost one. The AI-powered tab organizer uses machine learning to detect when a certain number of tabs are opened and automatically sorts them out for easier access. The organizer sorts by selecting similar tabs in one set and suggests names and emojis for the created tab groups.

2. AI Themes

AI-powered themes will bring a whole new world of customization to the Chrome user experience. This feature will let users generate custom themes based on their chosen subject, mood, visual style, or color, all within Chrome. It is easily accessible in the side panel with the Customize Chrome option. 

3. Help Me Write

Google has been putting effort into helping us write on Chrome for years. But the early efforts have elevated manifold with the latest AI-powered Help Me Write feature coming into action. This feature will let users generate texts from prompts and save huge amounts of time and effort in writing content. It also analyzes the page content and writes in the selected text box on your behalf. Right-click on the text box and choose the Help Me Write option to see its magic unfold.

AI is increasingly coming closer to our daily lives, whether at work, home, or traveling. Soon, multiple AI capabilities will transform into everyday mandates to lead a comfortable life or enhance your lifestyle. With Google’s latest Chrome features, the Chrome user journey is set to elevate to new heights.

Arpit Dubey

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