LinkedIn Adds Three Puzzle Games For Mobile And PC Users

LinkedIn Adds Three Puzzle Games For Mobile And PC Users

Date: May 03, 2024

LinkedIn Adds Three Puzzle Games For Mobile And PC Users

The talk of the town regarding LinkedIn’s plans to enter gaming has finally transformed into reality. The tech giant known for its robust professional networking and job search platform, has recently added three puzzle games to its library. The interactive puzzle games are titled Pinpoint, Queens, and Crossclimb. 

Users will be able to play each game once per day. Post playing, the app will show various metrics about the game performance, including high score, daily streak, different leaderboards, and names of the network connections who also played the game. LinkedIn calls these games thinking-oriented. The games can be found under the LinkedIn News and My Network section for PC users, and My Network tab for mobile users.

It is weird to see a professional social network app include games as part of its service offerings, but the platform has already published a valid and creative justification. “Every year, we study the world’s best workplaces. Turns out, one of the best ways to deepen and reignite relationships at work is simply by having fun together.” said the letter in the ‘Why We Have Games’ section published just before one can find the Start Game button. Here’s what it says.

LinkedIn Adds Three Puzzle Games For Mobile And PC Users

The news surrounding LinkedIn’s plans to launch games on its platform first surfaced in March 2024. With the launch of three puzzle games, LinkedIn has marked its entry, and will keep adding more complex game titles that somehow resonate with the above mentioned letter. The existing titles - Queens, Crossclimb, and Pinpoint, test logical thinking abilities, trivia, and word association. Queens is one of the most interesting games out of the three, but with further additions, it may go up and down in ranks.

Digital content businesses are struggling to make as much money as they used to, and combining more features has become a common sight. Otherwise, the world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix, would have never required adding game titles of heavy loads. The play here is of increasing in-app user time through multiple engagement options. LinkedIn’s intention, as the platform states, is to improve productivity while having fun to relieve boredom and stress at work.

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