Privacy Protection and 3 Latest WhatsApp Updates You Didn’t Know

Privacy Protection and 3 Latest WhatsApp Updates You Didn’t Know

Date: October 17, 2023

WhatsApp continuously updates its features to enhance user experience and strengthen security. The latest updates bring a plethora of benefits to users soon.

WhatsApp has taken the spotlight this year for rolling out the most features and updates on its mobile and web-based platforms. While most of them are officially launched, here are the three updates that are in the making and you probably didn’t know about.

Updated Privacy

Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched a privacy feature that silenced incoming calls from unknown callers. Adding an extra layer of security to this feature, the platform is now testing an IP protection feature. 

Malicious callers steal IP data to track location and send unsolicited ads or spam messages. The latest update will be present in the ‘Advanced’ section of privacy settings. Users will get the option to switch it on using the ‘Protect IP Address In Call’ button at their will. When turned on, this protection layer will relay the call through the encrypted WhatsApp servers that prevent revealing the IP data to anyone.

The feature comes with a negligible delay in the conversation during the call, as the messages will be transferred through an extra layer of server security. That’s why this feature will be an option instead of a mandate. Those who prefer the quality of protection over the quality of conversation can choose it easily.

The feature is being tested on beta-enabled app versions on iOS and Android devices. It will be released for full Beta testing soon, after which the official rollout will happen.

Search By Date Filter

We are already aware of the ‘search in chats’ feature that lets us find a text in a personal or group chat. The ‘Search By Date’ filter will open a calendar, and the messages that occurred on the selected date will appear in the results. This feature has not been launched for Beta testing on mobile app versions. Instead, this feature is being heavily tested on computer and web-client platforms to speed up the search process for work-related conversations. It has rolled out the Beta versions for Mac OS and Windows devices. The app will get the feature soon after.

Discontinuation Of Support

Even though some people love not changing their phones till they die, WhatsApp will soon terminate its services and support for applications on certain older version devices. This decision comes from prioritizing resource allocation toward serving the latest iOS and Android devices. The app's latest features cannot be run or are incompatible with certain older mobile devices. This will create a lag in ensuring the same experience across all consumers globally, and the stopping of services is the quickest and least loss-incurring step.

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