Jeff Bezos Bets On Dethroning Google With This AI Startup

Jeff Bezos Bets On Dethroning Google With This AI Startup

Date: January 18, 2024

Jeff Bezos has released a bold statement reflecting high confidence in a Startup, Perplexity AI, betting that it will dethrone the traditional Google search.

Google has been the king of search engineers since the early 2000s. Many search engines powered by big tech companies have failed multiple times to capture the search engine market. Google’s chokehold on this market has now been questioned after Jeff Bezos placed his bets on an AI-powered search engine, Perplexity AI. 

Perplexity AI works on the world’s leading Large Language Models of OpenAI and Anthropic. It provides summarized search results using AI with links to the sources. This new-found method of Perplexity AI has garnered over 10 million monthly users, the largest audience any AI platform has received in the given period.

Bezos has invested millions into this new startup and is quite confident regarding its market position in the future. “Google is going to be viewed as something that’s legacy and old,” said Perplexity’s founder Aravind Srinivas to Reuters last week. “If you can directly answer somebody’s question, nobody needs those 10 blue links.”

Perplexity AI is a balanced combination of ChatGPT and Google Search, and Jeff Bezos is the college fund it needs to face the leadership stance of Google. Instead of providing blue links to searches, it aims to provide answers to the search queries that provide information in a consolidated form. The company has received more funding than any AI startup has in recent years. Including Jeff Bezos and Nvidia, Perplexity received nearly $72 million in funding last week.

Even Google feels that its old ways of providing search results will soon become outdated. It has already converted the entire USP of Perplexity AI in Search Labs, a standalone app. The app works on Search Generative Experience technology, which writes out quick summaries of top search results on Google. This shows Google’s commitment not only to its leadership stature but also to Artificial Intelligence. 

Perplexity AI’s quest to dethrone Google’s age-old search engine is still a long shot, but the 10 million user base tells us anything is possible. With AI at its forefront, Perplexity holds the potential and the financial backing to become the second-best, if not the best, search engine of the future.

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