Is The $200 Billion Gaming Industry’s AI Adoption Slashing Jobs?

Is The $200 Billion Gaming Industry’s AI Adoption Slashing Jobs?

Date: July 26, 2023

There is a significant rise in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence among leading gaming platforms across the globe. Job cuts or creative revolution?

Not just businesses, but even politicians and global leaders are on the verge of panic due to the unprecedented growth of Artificial Intelligence. The gaming industry that stands at $28.2 Trillion right now is one of the biggest adopters of Artificial Intelligence.

From leading gaming studios in Tokyo to established brands in the United States, every company is actively building new AI tools to improve their gaming production. Not only this, the inclusion of AI within the game itself is something that real-world authorities are really concerned about.

What’s At Risk Here?

The inclusion of Artificial intelligence eliminates the need to have multiple resources from executives to mid-size and senior management roles. The most fearful of the aggressive adoption rate of AI in the gaming industry are mid-level tech department employees in their respective gaming brands.

“Basically every week, we feel that we are going to be eliminated,” Gala Technology Holding Ltd. 36-year-old Chief Executive Officer Jia Xiaodong told Bloomberg News. “The impact of AI on the game industry in the past three to four months may be as dramatic as the changes in the past thirty or forty years.”

Is Creativity Becoming Our Villain?

With the advent of repetitive games becoming more abundant around us, people are taking the route of Generative AI to even strategize gaming ideas. So, not only are the tech oriented resources at stake, creative jobs are losing their importance as well.

“Nothing can reverse, stop, or slow the current AI trend,” said Masaaki Fukuda, who helped build PlayStation Network while at Sony.

How Is AI Helping The Gaming Community?

Somehow, AI always finds its resourcefulness in every field. But in Artificial Intelligence it has become the cherry on top that most of the pies want to be under. In simpler words, Artificial Intelligence is helping the gaming industry in these ways:

  • Freeing coders from mass production of mundane codes.
  • Instant creative ideas    with well-research roadmap to convert them into a product
  • Creating advanced sales pitches to showcase the games to investors
  • Giving a personalized experience to individual gamers throughout the interface

AI Can Actually Be Your Career Booster

It is true that stopping AI from growing into our businesses is inevitable. But, it is also true that humans will never be replaced completely. Even in the gaming industry, someone who knows how to develop, control and utilize the capabilities of AI will see a significant growth in career, both monetary and reputation-wise.

With multiple governments across the globe putting in efforts to regulate the development and usage of AI, the growth of AI within businesses will take a slower speed soon. This may help employees get enough time to upgrade their skills to become the ideal resource to build AI in any industry.

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