The Ultimate iOS 12 Guide : Release Date, New Features & Compatible Device List

The Ultimate iOS 12 Guide : Release Date, New Features & Compatible Device List

Date: April 04, 2024

More power to iOS 12

Apple knows to keep the fans on their toe by making the hype around every major release. The keynote offering in the form of Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 is an excellent example. Although the event displayed a series of offerings for the users and in this article I am going to jot down the significant insights coming together with iOS 12.

In case, you are an ardent Apple fan, you must have all the information regarding the event. In case you have missed any of the information, have a look around on these articles to know all the previous news related to iOS 12:

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This year’s WWDC was graced with some of the major tech enthusiasts from different walk of life. The event was a huge success and proved to be revolutionary with the offerings it provided for the developers and the users alike. Without much ado, let’s rewind the major offerings of WWDC along with us. There we go!!

“For iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance,” this is how Apple software VP Craig Federighi initiated the conference. And, while going through the offerings in detail after the event, we found out Federighi was not wrong. The VP also give much emphasis on the statement that iOS 12 is designed to make the iPhone and iPad experience much responsive, more delightful and faster too for the users. Well, the rollout for the users is expected to be launched by fall (winters), and for now we will focus on the developer’s version to offer you the major insights.

Before that, here are the major highlights at a glance on the iOS 12 features that were revealed at WWDC 2018:

wwdc announce ios 12 feature

The FAQ on iOS 12

When will iOS 12 be available?

Soon after Apple's WWDC keynote, it was made available in beta form for developers. The public beta is scheduled to be launched in July. For Apple, 'Beta,' typically refers to pre-release software, especially in the first few iterations. The offering is applicable for the developers only as it lacks the required features users would need to operate on their mobile devices. The offering will be released for users by fall this year.

How do I upgrade to iOS 12?

It is easy to update iOS devices to a new version. In case, you do not have a technical background, go through this guide, update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by Apple. You need to go through few settings to upgrade your device to the latest version.

Which devices can run iOS 12?

iOS 12 will be made responsive to run on an extensive list of iPhones and iPads. iPhones devices launched after 5s including 5s too will have the compatibility with the new version of iOS. Here is a image to clear your understanding on the devices that are compatible with this OS.

device can run

Now, let’s discuss Apple’s major offerings one-by-one

iOS 12 Performance

Faster and Responsive

Apple is working to make the version feel better and smarter for the users. The changes have been set to roll out particular for older iPhones and iPads. The company is also focused on delivering optimal performance with its devices including iPhones and iPads.

Sleek Animation

Animation is going to be more fluid along with becoming more smoother. So, when users are attempting things like bring up Control Center, swipe while multitasking, or scroll in apps, the action is going to be much more responsive. Apple promises to make animation smoother across the system.

40% Faster App Launch

Even when your iPhone is under a heavy workload, the new Apple OS will perform with 40% faster app launch speed. That’s pretty fast.

50% Faster Keyboard Display

The typing is responsive and the keyboard speed is 50% faster if compared to the older versions.

70% Faster Swipe to Camera

Swiping from the lock screen to the camera by tapping the icon is now much faster and Apple claims it to be 70% faster with iOS 12.

2x Faster Share Sheet

The share sheet display appears to be faster than ever. It is 2x quicker even if there are a lot of sharing extensions installed.

iOS 12 Messages

Memoji Maker

iOS 12 offers the users a chance to create their look-alike emojis having appearance similar to them. It is a big advancement which Apple is introducing as “Memoji”. Apple seems to have put a lot of efforts in Memoji and here is a preview of the offering.



An exclusive tool for the users to make customized emojis by adding their preferences. For example, the users can choose the skin color, the hairstyle, the outfit along with accessories and more.

Arrival of New Memoji

Apple has introduced four new emojis including T. rex, ghost, koala, and tiger.

Improvement in Face Tracking

There is an all new tongue and wink detection. Whenever a user winks or sticks out the tongue, the offering comes into the place.

Extended record clip timings

Now users can record a clip that is up to 30 seconds long.

Innovative camera effect

The camera is going to be a lot innovative. The newly-included camera effects is an additional offering that users can use while messaging to capture photos and enhance them by using built-in effects and third-party sticker packs.

Built-in filters

It is an offering with iOS 12 that includes classic black and white, comic book, and watercolor as built-in filters.

Newer text effects

Speech bubble is one of the innovative text effects that Apple has enrolled with iOS 12 to add the impact into videos and photos. Additionally, there are new shapes like arrows, hearts, and stars to add to photos and videos.

iMessage sticker packs

App Store now offers the option to download sticker packs. It is an offering to enhance photos and videos inside Messages. Stickers now track users’ movement.

Photos iMessage app

This message has been embedded to give you suggestions based on your conversation, what you’re talking about, and where you’ve taken photos together (the person you are chatting with).


Group facetime

The all new  Apple OS allows FaceTime calls with up to 32 participants simultaneously. Users can join the conversation anytime.



FaceTime audio and video

Users can now answer incoming Group FaceTime calls with video or audio (as per the preference) on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Users can join audio on Apple Watch and HomePod.

Focus View in Group FaceTime

There are automatic front and center timings in the group facetime for the speaker. The users can double tap the person they wish to see. Additionally, there is a silent notification also that users can activate by double tapping in order to join the conversation.

Messages integration

Right from a group Message conversation, users can initiate the group facetime. Right from the contact or from conversation list, users can active the calls.

End-to-end encryption for FaceTime

FaceTime is integrated with end-to-end encryption for one-to-one calls or group calls. The setting ensures your chat is secured.

iOS 12 Screen Time

Screen time reports for your activities

With iOS 12 there is new series of tools to empower your understanding on how you use your application. The tool offers insightful offerings for the users to ponder upon. Get weekly or daily reports to view app usage and device pickup. With this offering, parents can have all the information on how much time their children are spending on a particular app.

App limit with exception

Now there is an option to set the time limit for specific apps and websites you can view. You can create exceptions for the apps and websites that you do not want to set limitation on. These apps may include educational apps for the children.


Set a specific time when apps and notifications should be blocked. It can be your bedtime to choose which apps are on and off limits.

iOS 12 Notifications

Grouped notifications

Message threads along with the notification are grouped. This makes it easier for the users to see messages with a glance over their smartphones.

Instant Tuning

Users can control the notifications, the moment they receive an alert. They need not leave the task they are doing.

Siri notification suggestions

The way users interact with the notifications will help Siri to offer personalized suggestions. The suggestions may include which app notifications to deliver prominently.


Critical alerts

It’s an innovative opt-in that offers info about important alerts including healthcare notifications. Users will receive such alerts even during Do Not Disturb.

iOS 12 Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

Users can dim their smartphone light and silent their devices until they unlock the phone in the morning. Users can set do not disturb to end automatically too even within an hour also. The settings are effective when users are attending a meeting or leaving a certain location.

do not disturb

iOS 12 Augmented Reality

Multiuser AR experience

Now users can create AR experience to fix into the real-world location. This way, users can create AR experiences that can be viewed later in the similar place by others.

3D object recognition

The innovative AR setting in the iOS 12 is capable of recognizing objects to find out a device’s orientation to these objects. It then triggers AR experiences for the users.

USDZ file format

It’s a new format for iOS users that helps them create rich content along with animation that is optimized for mobile devices. AR experience is now embedded for the users to view on files, messages, mail and more.



Camera: Improved Portrait Lighting

Photos in Portrait mode are better than ever with iOS 12. With this mode in action, the camera will generate a mask as soon as it detects a person in action. The portrait settings separate background from the foreground with the help of third-party apps.

Siri: The Voice Assistant

Siri suggestion

As soon as Siri learns a user’s routine, she suggests the shortcuts to the users. Users have the option to add shortcuts to the Siri and run them across device. Users can customize their own alternatives to run multiple steps at once. For developers, there is a new Siri API that they can use to work with Siri.

Translation and celebrity facts

Apple Siri now supports over 40 languages. And, thus users can translate their phrase into many more languages. Users can also get celebrity facts as per their preference. With iOS 12, Siri will assist the users to enhance their food knowledge about calories, vitamins, minerals and more. Siri will also help to search out photos and memories based on the people, place, date and other such offerings.

iOS 12 Security and privacy

Enhanced tracking prevention

Privacy improvements prevent share buttons and comment widgets on web pages to track users’ photos and other relevant information. It requires users’ permission to track their details. This prevents advertisers from targeting ads to particular users.  

Create strong passwords automatically

Among a number of offerings with iOS 12, creating strong passwords is possible now. And, it is easier to create, autofill, and store secure passwords in Safari and iOS apps. Passwords that are used once by the users will be shown automatically so it gets easier for them to avoid the passwords users have used once.

iOS 12 App Updates

Update to Apple book and news

The Apple book has been revamped now to make it easier for users to discover, read, and listen to their favorite books. With the reading now tab, iOS 12 lovers can start reading their favorite stuff. With the innovative iOS 12, Users can also navigate easily through the new news feed.

Some additional offerings

CarPlay navigation

CarPlay is now made responsive to support third-party navigation apps. It gives drivers more choices to add better experience for them while they drive.

Information on battery performance

The battery usage chart in settings now shows usage for last 24 hours or 10 days. Users can tap bars to see the app usage.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for the iOS 12 right now. The new iOS 12 version is all set to charm and if these offerings are to be believed, we cannot ignore the same. Amidst all these feature developments about iOS 12, there are already rumors about iOS 13 circulating among developers. Whatever, it is, we will only get to know the same once the things are made official.

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