Instagram Will Soon Allow Friends To Add To Your Posts

Instagram Will Soon Allow Friends To Add To Your Posts

Date: October 31, 2023

Collaboration is one of the most used trends for posting group pictures, and Instagram is working on building a new feature to facilitate it.

The trend that began with big-time Instagram influencers has now reached the general audience too. Collaborator posts are on a high note in terms of the most used Instagram post formats. To facilitate better on-platform access for users to collaborate, Instagram is working on new features that will be one of a kind. 

Collaboration is something Instagram has been pushing lately, and users seem to have embraced every new update almost instantly. As soon as Instagram released the collaboration post format, global users captured the feature’s most prominent advantage of gaining their fellow user’s reach on their posts. The same post was reflected on both collaborator’s timelines, which again became proof of credit, removing any chance of copyright infringement. Now, they are working on a new feature that will allow a user to post their carousel to let the tagged people in them add their own photos to it.

How Will Add-To-Post Work?

It will work based on a simple approval model in which the person invited will submit the photo or video they want to add, and the original poster will get to either approve or reject it. Only after the approvals or rejections happen and the sequence of the carousel is finalized will it be posted on the timeline. So, the collaboration is more like a consent-based group post with the approval authority lying in the poster’s hand.

New test alert. We just started testing a new way to invite friends to join in on your feed posts. Before posting a carousel, you can turn on the ability for your followers to submit photos and/or videos, which you can approve to add to the post.

 - Mossari

This function will be carried out using the ‘Add-To-Post’ button, which will soon start showing up on our screens while we create a carousel post.

How Will It Help?

Consider a simple use case of three friends going on a vacation together. They all click pictures on their own phones and then wait for decades to get the pictures to post them on their own timelines. But, by the time they receive the photos, all the excitement to work on the post fades away. 

So, considering this feature, every person can simply create a carousel post of photos and videos, simply asking their fellow friends to add their contributions relevant to the post. The probability of someone not taking action on these requests might be too low. The submitted photos need the requester’s approval, which prevents the chances of unwanted collaboration mistakes. Overall, the introduction of this feature will help the users create better collaboration posts and will expand the horizon of offerings of the platform globally.

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