Instagram May Soon Have A Find My Friends Map Like Snapchat

Instagram May Soon Have A Find My Friends Map Like Snapchat

Date: February 27, 2024

Meta-owned social media platform Instagram is working on a new feature allowing users to find and share their location on a dedicated map.

Alessandro Paluzzi is a reverse engineer who often discovers upcoming app features and updates before officially launching. In his latest findings, Alessandro found a new Friend Map feature that Instagram is internally working on. This finding was confirmed by a Meta spokesperson who shared this information with the public media on Monday.

The Friend Map feature is not an innovation but a replica of Snapchat’s already existing Snap Map feature. Instagram has copied Snapchat’s feature offering for the second time after copying the core stories feature in 2016. The social media industry has become quite repetitive, as almost every mainstream platform offers the same features and functionality. However, the user experience of every app plays a crucial role in defining preferences, irrespective of the similar offerings.

Instagram has followed this ideology backed by the proof of developments in the Friends Map feature. The development is still in its early stages and is being carried out internally. The upcoming feature will allow users to conveniently find their friends, family, and other followers on the map. This will increase the time spent by users on the app while eradicating the need for its loyal users to go to any other platform for this functionality.

This move can effectively impact Snapchat's user count. It can also impact the Find My feature offered by Apple, which helps its users locate their close connections easily. For fans of a former app, Zenly, Instagram can create a lucrative appeal on the social map. Snapchat acquired Zenly and later closed as a business last year.


According to the screenshots shared by Alessandro on his Threads handle, most of the upcoming map features are revealed. They include end-to-end encryption, Ghost Mode, and custom location-sharing options. The Ghost Mode will help users hide their location from all or certain audiences. 

Another value that the Friends Map feature will provide is the ability to leave notes on certain map locations. Users can share activities based on their location, including the cafe they are at, the food they like, or a review. In 2022, the platform launched a searchable map feature that may be combined with upcoming additions.

Young users choose social media platforms as their primary search engines over the ones like Google. With the inclusion of the Friends Map feature, Instagram can improve its engagement in this aspect as well.

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